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Lafite: selling a Chinese wine in 2018?

A few days ago, Decanter revealed unpublished information on the upcoming commercialization of the first Chinese vintage of Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite). This announcement encouraged us to push the investigation a little further... After Chile and Argentina, Domaines Baron de Rothschild (Lafite) conquers China! A country that the group knows well, and for a long time: Christophe Salin, its CEO does not spare his energy to travel the world - especially China – allowing people to discover and taste the wines from Château Lafite, the most prestigious name for Chinese connoisseurs. But…

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China will be the top wine-consuming country by 2027

According to calculations by Coface (a French export credit insurer), China will be the top market for wine in the world in 2027, ahead of the United States, France, Italy and Germany. World wine consumption should rise by approximately 10% in the same time-frame, but will double in China (to 30 million hectolitres). China currently ranks fifth in the world for wine consumption with 16 million hectolitres drunk in 2014, but a dozen years from now, it will be in first place (it is already the leading consumer of red wine). Wine consumption…

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An iDealwine tasting in Hong Kong at Hullett House for 25 of our customers.
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Asia’s thirst for wine

The days of wine being little more than a status symbol gift with which to impress colleagues and friends, may soon be over – there is a fresh new wind blowing through Asia, with a growing number of young and knowledgeable consumers enjoying a wider range of wines, more frequently. The Chinese may be known for their “Red Obsession” – overtaking France and Italy last year to become the number one consumer of red wine – but according to an article in Gambero Rosso, there is definitely room for something new. The article quoted…

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A world of wine tourism

If you want to discover new and exotic locations, eat delicious food and experience wines from different vineyards, then try wine tourism. Indeed, in these difficult economic times, wine tourism appears to be a useful tool, taking advantage of the growing tourism sector. Both old world and new world countries have their own approaches in this regard. In recent years we have observed the emergence of quality wines, accompanied by wine tourism, from new world wine producing countries such as Australia, Chile, South Africa, California and Argentina. Did you know that the USA…

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