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French vineyard market: rising prices in 2016

The FNSafer has just published its long-awaited annual report on the French vineyard market prices. Here is a brief summary of figures and analysed trends for 2016. The FNSafer (National Federation of Land Development and Rural Settlement Companies) is a French association for rural properties allowing farmers to start in the rural, artisanal, agricultural or environmental sector by guiding them in the management of their project and providing them the requested tools and analysis. The report features a detailed analysis of the vineyard market. However, vineyards transaction specialist caution readers about the accuracy…

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When Brexit becomes a wine issue or an opportunity  

The UK has always been one of the major players for world wine imports. Indeed wine consumption accounts for more than one-third of UK alcohol consumption in volume. French wine exportations to England go back a long time ago. During the XIIth century, Bordeaux region was British and thanks to maritime paths many barrels were exported to England. Brits have always enjoyed drinking fine wine and especially French. Brexit may have consequences on this historical pleasure.     The impact of Brexit on wine trade From a macroeconomic point of view, Brexit will…

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Brexit and its impact on the wine market

Following the announcement of Brexit, shock waves ran through the wine market too. Even if it is still too early to forecast with any accuracy what its medium or long term effects will be, we are already able to broadly outline how Brexit will impact on wine trading between the United Kingdom and Europe. The United Kingdom has always held a dominant position in the wine market, a position maintained in particular by the strengthen of leading merchants and long-established brokers who are able to call the shots when it comes to prices…

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