Selling your wine for the end of the year? It’s now or never!

With so much uncertainty still in the air, you might be hesitating at the thought of selling on your precious bottles. But the end of year auctions organised at iDealwine and the buzz they create every time present the perfect opportunity. You have until the 15th November to contact us and get your precious bottles into the finest sales of the year!

Here we are at the heart of autumn with little joys aplenty; it’s squash and mushroom season, the trees are fiery red, and we don’t have long to wait before the Christmas festivities approach. This is an especially dynamic moment of the year for iDealwine, in both our auctions and our fixed-price sales. Clients are seeking their dream bottles to enjoy with special dinners and to offer as gifts. And our team are energised and ready to guide you in your purchases and in the selling on of your cellar.

We’ve already observed some fantastic sales rates this year, with lots of bottles going for higher than initially estimated: very promising signs for the upcoming sales!

What are clients looking for at the end of the year?

To begin with, there are always the classics that sell well throughout the year, such as fine Burgundies (see our top Burgundy sales from the first half of 2020) and Rhône wines (Rhône ranking | First-half review) as well as mature Bordeaux vintages (Bordeaux ranking | First-half review 2020).

The festive period also sees wine lovers looking for exceptional Champagnes, especially vintage ones. These bottles are clearly of a calibre suited to celebration. But special occasions call for more than just the festive fizz, as we usually see an uptake in customers buying dessert wines, especially Tokay cuvées. Spirits are also popular at this time of year, especially when it comes to giving gifts!

New for 2020: based on what we’ve observed so far this year, the rise of fine, natural wines from the likes of Richard Leroy, Bernaudeau, and Domaine des Miroirs, will make these highly coveted as the year draws to a close. Top of the range ciders are also likely to be on the up – see the Cidrerie de Vulcain and Cyril Zangs.

In any case, our selling team is always in the know about the latest market trends and will be happy to advise you in selling your bottles.

How to sell your wines quickly and easily

Are you an adminphobe? Perhaps the mere thought of trying to sell the treasures of your cellar brings you out in a cold sweat? Well, we’re here to show you how the process can be really quick and simple!

Note that enthusiasts are always keen to get their bottles in the end-of-year sales, so if you wish to be one of them, we recommend confirming the sale of your wines with us by the 15th November! Here’s a reminder of how to go about it:

  1. To begin with, simply request a free estimate of your wines here.
  2. If you decide to go ahead with the sale, all you have to do is choose a transport option.
  3. Once your wines have been evaluated by our team, they’ll be put up for sale.
  4. Wait for the sale to finish, and you’ll receive payment 35 days after.

If you’re in a hurry to sell, we may be able to buy your cellar for a fixed price, meaning there is no need to wait for an auction to close.

As global leaders in online wine auctions with 20 years of experience under our belt, you can trust iDealwine with the resale of your precious bottles. Remember, we have a global network of enthusiasts who covet bottles just like yours!

Request a free estimate here

More information about selling on your wine

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