Sell your wine in four steps

Do you have some wine in your cellar that you don’t want to drink? Perhaps you have a particularly mature vintage that’s been waiting patiently for decades? Or maybe you’re interested in selling at auction but unsure of how much your wine is worth…We’re here to help! And the process couldn’t be easier.

Note: You can sell your wines with us if you reside in the European Union.

Step 1: Send us a list of your wines

Take a little tour of your cellar and decide which precious bottles you’d like another enthusiast to enjoy. Once you’ve decided, you can let us know by using this online form. Alternatively, you can get in touch by email at Estimates are free, and you’ll get a response within a few days.

If you have more than 30 bottles to sell, fill in the Excel file linked on our estimate page, and send it to us via email.

Our team will get back to you with our price estimates; if you are happy with these, you can go to stage 2!

Step 2: Transporting, evaluating, and storing your wine

We offer an all-inclusive service that includes helping you choose an approved courier, sending appropriate packaging for your bottles, and receiving them at our warehouse just outside of Paris. If you’re in the area, you can choose to drop them off yourself. Your wines will then be added to our database, evaluated, photographed, and wrapped, ready to make their way to a new home.

Step 3: Your wines are put up for auction or sold at fixed price

At auction

We hold three to four auctions a month, each of them lasting around ten days. During this time, they will have a unique exposure to bidders around the world, many of them loyal iDealwine clients with rich and varied tastes. Your bottles are in the safe hands of a licensed auctioneer.

If you have a lot of wine to sell, you might be interested in our private collection sales. Depending on the extent of our estimate, you may be able to have a whole catalogue, or even a whole auction, dedicated to the collection you wish to pass on. This is an option that comes with extra marketing and maximum visibility for your bottles.

Fixed price

There is another option if you’d like to sell your wine more quickly: we can buy your wine in one go for a fixed price, as long as your selection fulfils the following requirements:

  • The lower price estimate for your wines must total at least €1,000
  • The average bottle price should be at least €50
  • Your bottles are from 1990 onwards

Step 4: Auction result and settlement

At auction: the result from the sale will be transmitted to you 24 hours after the auction has closed. Payment will be settled 35 days after this.

Fixed price: payment is settled immediately after your wines are verified at our warehouse.

Interested? Find out more about selling your wine here.

Here is the link to follow to get a free estimate!

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