Rhône wines attract buyers from around the world

The price evolution of top Rhône Valley wines should be closely monitored. While these wines represent less than 10% of iDealwine’s Online Auction sales, they recently experienced a surge in popularity, some registering record sales.

Rhone valley vineyards
The latest iDealwine auction focused on Rhône Valley wines, with the northern part of the region taking the lead. The wines of Côte-Rôtie dominated the auction, instead of the usual Guigal, with its famous trilogy LA-LA-LA (Landonne, Turque, Mouline). These flagship wines are on the rise again and Jamet in particular captured the buyers’ attention, with a classic vintage from the famous Côte Brune. Some of the vintages can go for more than €300, as was the case with the 1998, which sold for €314 through iDealwine on the 25th of February. A wine such as Côte-Rôtie Côte Brune from Gentaz-Dervieux is not only sought-after because of its rarity, but also due to its status as a “collection item”. The 1991 vintage was acquired by a private Asian buyer for €1,080.

The Hermitage appellation was also popular among buyers, who were especially interested in the 1990 vintage. The red Hermitage Jean-Louis Chave sold for €426 per bottle, while Hermitage La Chapelle of Jaboulet went for €420. 2010 was another coveted vintage and a magnum of Ermitage Le Pavillon 2010 sold for €560.

A wide selection of Southern Rhône areas were on offer, including Châteauneuf-du-Pape. The wines of Château Rayas are always popular and the prices stabilised for certain vintages and rose for others (+15% for 1999, to €276).

The “prestige” wines from some larger wineries featured again, but were very sporadic during this auction. For example, a double-magnum case of De Capo 2010 from Domaine du Pegäu sold for €1,200, a price increase of 25% on the iDealwine estimate.


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