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New domains

We are happy to announce that two new partner domains have joined our network this month. The first is Domaine La Peira, which is already well known among lovers of Languedoc wines. Most of its production is exported but they have been kind enough to give us a number of bottles so that you can enjoy these little gems. Made from vines growing at altitude on the slopes of Terrasses du Larzac, the wines are absolutely magnificent thanks to the way the domain cares for the vines. Only the best grapes are used in production and each wine is aged according to their characteristics. International critics have praised the domain, including Robert Parker who said that it’s “the most exciting estate in the Languedoc”.

The other new arrival is Champagnes Pehu Simonet. Here too, they export 90% of their Champagnes. The cuvées come from Grands Crus (five hectares) as well as one Premier Cru (Verzenay) in la Montagne de Reims. This winemaker has just gained an organic certificate and is certainly someone to watch. The Champagnes charmed us with their completely balanced palates and complex flavour profiles. Discover what this promising house has hiding in its cellar; it just might be the bottle you open to celebrate the New Year.

New bottles to take note of

We have received many beautiful bottles which are now online for you to peruse at your leisure. Some bottles to note are:

  • Cornas 2020 and Côtes du Rhône 2021 from Franck Balthazar – they highlight how different two consecutive vintages can be.


  • The magnificent 2020 from Domaine Saint-Sylvestre. Stocks are very limited for the domain’s top cuvées, and the white wines from 2021 will be particularly wonderful in their younger years.


  • The beautiful Côtes-Rôties 2020 and Condrieus 2021 by Jean-Michel Gerin. These are well-known wines among some so be sure not to miss them.


  • The superb 2021 wine from Pierre-Jean Villa. The Condrieu Jardin Suspendu with its magnificent tautness is one to look out for in this sale.



  • The marvellous wine from Domaine des Croix are available to discover, or rediscover, this Côte de Beaune institution. We would recommend the Premier Cru Les Cents Vignes, in particular.


  • The difficult-to-find gems from Quintarelli, one of the best Italian domains. But be warned; there aren’t many bottles, so you have to be quick.

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