Mature vintages: Bordeaux at its best

In this latest selection of mature vintages, Bordeaux features front and centre, being the wine region par excellence for producing cuvées that age beautifully. Take a look at our highlights, also including bottles from other regions.

Bordeaux in the spotlight

Grands Crus from the Médoc and Saint-Emilion, long-aged dessert wines, and some other hidden treasures are waiting for you. We’ve also got a good selection of generous formats, if that’s what you fancy. Here’s an insight into what’s on offer:

Fine Burgundy, ready to uncork

Compared to Bordeaux, a fine Burgundy doesn’t need as much time in the cellar to reach its peak. Plus, the premiers and grands crus are interesting to taste at pretty much any age. Inspire yourself with these Burgundian highlights:

Other regions

Mature vintages from the Rhône, Champagne, the Loire and beyond

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