The iDealwine gift card – perfect for wine lovers

What could be better for a wine enthusiast than a gift card for their favourite wine-selling website under the Christmas tree or on a special birthday? Thanks to the iDealwine gift card, you can be sure to delight your nearest and dearest.

Christmas, birthdays, mothers’ day, fathers’ day, weddings and other big events…there are so many occasions to celebrate. But then does there even have to be a reason to spoil your loved ones…or to spoil yourself?!

Gift cards are a great last-minute solution, but they can also certainly be a thoughtful present for a wine enthusiast. It can be difficult to figure out just the right bottle to purchase for someone else. So that you don’t get it wrong, the iDealwine gift card allows its happy recipient to choose their own wine – whatever they’ve been dreaming of for so long. Luckily for you and for them, iDealwine is the best online cellar thanks to our huge selection of wines, available at auction and fixed-price. Take note that we’re Europe’s leading online wine auctioneer as well as Revue du vin de France’s best online seller of mature vintages. So we’re not just anyone!

How does it work?

How do you get your hands on this precious gift card? Nothing could be more simple, it’s all done through our Gift Card page – it only takes a few minutes and can be done entirely online.

Start by choosing your image: you can use one of ours or a personalised one!

Then fill in the recipient’s details and write a personalised message.

Send your gift card by email or print it.

Choose the amount (as much as you like), from €10, then confirm your order! And it’s all done!

Don’t thank us, we’re more than happy to make your life a bit easier 😊

Buy an iDealwine gift card here

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