iDealwine’s 10 Resolutions for 2020

The iDealwine team would like to wish you all the very best for the coming year. We hope every day brings you and your loved ones many moments of happiness. On the subject of happiness, we’d like to suggest some resolutions.  These involve wine of course – we can’t change who we are… So, here are 10 suggestions to help you get through 2020 serenely, while living life to the full.


  1. Be generous: open the good bottles and share them with your loved ones

Sharing and enjoyment make up the very essence of wine and we must never lose sight of this fundamental truth! Life goes on and time goes by. Don’t forget that these moments of generosity will enrich your memories and your heart – treasure them!

  1. Be curious: keep discovering new wines to enjoy

The world of wine is infinitely abundant and it would be a shame to stick stubbornly to what you know. There are always new wines, upcoming or improving estates, little-known producers and hidden gems. There are so many superb wines for you to discover all year long – especially in iDealwine’s fixed-price sales and auctions.

  1. Be thrifty: snap up even more good deals

Whether you are a veteran of the wine auctions or a complete newcomer, iDealwine’s sales are overflowing with excellent deals. In 2020, you could try bidding from the minimum price (some wines have a reserve of €1), use our alerts options so you don’t miss anything, or focus on the final stages of the sales and track lots before making a last-minute bid. Choose the strategy that works for you!

  1. Stay curious and keep learning about wine

Don’t forget about iDealwine’s blog! It is packed with information, updates and advice – because as well as the practice there is also the theory. Even if you are an experienced connoisseur, we bet there is plenty for you to discover in our articles. First, there is information on the latest market trends, upcoming wine estates and the prices that are going through the roof. Then, there are our suggestions for tasting and food and wine pairings. If you really do know it all already, why not add your comments to our articles? We would be infinitely grateful to you because we never stop learning either!

  1. Manage your cellar more efficiently: sell on those wines you’ll never drink

What is the point in holding onto bottles if you know full well you are not going to drink them? If you no longer like them, or you have bought too many, someone else will probably enjoy them. As well as freeing up space in your cellar you will be richer too! It goes without saying – although it’s always better to spell it out- but make sure you sell them through the top auction house for wines in Europe! 😉

  1. Make up your own mind: don’t run with the pack

Drink the wines you enjoy, and, whatever you do, don’t succumb to the notorious Bordeaux bashing. It might come as a surprise to you, but Bordeaux is the region where you will find the best value for money deals. Keep paying attention to those “Super Bordeaux” wines that are really worth a try and often suffer unfairly from damaging and unfounded generalisations.

  1. Be patient: give the bottles that benefit from ageing the time they need

Some wines are ready to drink quickly and others need laying down for several years to reach their potential. Choose them carefully and organise your cellar so that you open them at the right moment. If you can’t wait, remember that iDealwine specialises in vintages that have aged enough to be ready to drink.

  1. Indulge your inner foodie: enjoy pairing your meals with wine

Successful food and wine pairings, whether traditional or more unusual, are often the best way to bring out the best in both the dish and the wine. As you know, there are lots of suggestions and tips on the iDealwine blog – feel free to share your own experiences!

  1. Keep exploring: go out and discover a wine

You will never taste a wine in the same way once you have been to the vineyard, spoken to the wine growers and found out how they produce their wines. Don’t forget to call by the iDealwine stand at any of the exhibitions we take part in either. As you know, we are always delighted to see you and to offer you a taste of some excellent wines and our latest favourites. As well as chatting about wine in general, we are also happy to answer any questions you have about our wine buying and selling services.

  1. Step out of your comfort zone: learn how to appreciate wine the unbiased way

There’s no need to remind you that we are all influenced by wine labels, even the least snobbish among us. Tasting wine blind enables you to discover what your tastes really are, free from cognitive bias. If you want to take the experiment even further, try tasting wine in a dark glass. You are guaranteed a completely different experience!

We hope very much to share some excellent wines with you in 2020. A very Happy New Year to you all!

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