Fixed Price: How does this side of iDealwine’s website work?

The view of iDealwine's homepage where you can buy wine in auctions and fixed price sales.

For nearly 10 years now, our auction sales have been complemented by those coming from our online wine boutique. This part of our website, which we call “Fixed Price”, hosts an array of wines whose fixed prices range from €8 to €20,000. Our dedicated purchasing team scours the world’s vineyards to find the great classics and the gems of tomorrow.

Wines directly from the producers

At iDealwine, our four purchasers visit vineyards across the globe to find wines to place in our fixed-price section. Raphaël (who is also our head of sales) manages the Rhône, Beaujolais, Provence and Corsica. Quentin who is based in our Bordeaux office naturally looks after producers from Bordeaux and France’s South-West. Eloise is the contact person for Alsace, Savoie, the Loire, Champagne, Jura and wines from beyond France. And last but not least, Amicie manages Burgundy from our office in Beaune.

  • All in all, there are over 900 partner wineries in iDealwine’s network. And the new releases aren’t to be missed either. They are all placed in the section called Just in this week which is updated every Friday.
  • Every Tuesday, there is a new selection made up of bottles in our fixed-price boutique. Mature vintages, specific regions, selections created by our purchasing team… You’ll find all our gems there.
  • Every Friday, we also shine a spotlight on our three Wineries of the Week with new vintages, newly released wines and restocks as a bonus.
An example of iDealwine's Wineries of the Week

How do you choose between the more than 10,000 bottles on the online boutique?

If you would like to work out how to find your way around our digital shelves overflowing with bottles, take a look at the main menu which will guide you towards our specialities. There are:

  • Must-haves – About 60 wines that would all be perfect for starting a collection. Just in case you were doubting us, they also are some of our favourite bottles.
  • Mature vintages (vintages that are more than 10 years old) – Taste the fine aromas found in mature fine wines that are witnesses to years gone by.
  • Rising stars – These wines come from wineries that improve year in, year out. There’s plenty to choose from in this selection and you will certainly find gems and wines to impress your friends with at your next dinner.
  • Organic, natural, and Triple A – Believing that it takes good grapes to make good wine, just like winemakers do, we have a selection focused on properties that use sustainable methods to produce the best possible grapes.

Would you like your wines to come in a wooden case? Or are you looking for large-format bottles (magnum, Jeroboam, etc.)? How about spirits (whiskycognac, Armagnac, rum) or a good deal (reduced prices / quantities)? Everything is possible on iDealwine!

As one of our regular customers said, “On iDealwine, I find everything that I am looking for; I only have to be patient.”

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