French wine exports on the rise

French wine continues to see its exports increase, a trend that’s reflected in iDealwine sales.

According to the Federation of wine and spirits exporters, exports made a turnover of 4.5 billion euros in the first semester of 2019, a 6% increase. In volume, growth is quite stable, with 68.8 billion cases of wine (+0.5% on the same period in 2018).

USA, the promised land

One of the key markets for French exports remains the USA: growth (in value) reached 16.5% (1.8 billion euros) and 5.2% in volume. This high-potential area for rare and collectable wines is an extremely dynamic market for iDealwine. Just in 2018, we saw 109% sales growth on the platform.

Growth in Asia slows down

Exports of French wines to Asian countries continue their upward trajectory, owing it principally to Japan (+13%) and South Korea (+11%). Exports to Hong Kong, China and Singapore, however, dropped by 0.6%. For iDealwine, on the other hand, while Hong Kong is certainly a mature market, it still delivers promising results.

Europe in good shape

European markets continue to grow, with an increase of 7%, for a value of 2.2 billion euros. Exports to the United Kingdom saw a sharp upturn (+12%), undoubtedly given the context of Brexit, with buyers anticipating the possible effects of leaving the European Union. Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Denmark are priority areas for development.


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