Fine Spirits Auction: Stunning Spirits to Begin the Year on a High Note

4 bottles of spirits in the Fin Spirits Auction

Could there be a more apt time of the year for a fine spirits auction? In the middle of winter, you’ll find over 1,000 bottles to tempt you, so that you can enjoy a warming moment when coming in from the cold. After all, haven’t the recent celebrations left you feeling inspired?

As we have your attention, we’d just like to take a moment to thank you for your support and passion in 2023 and wish you a fantastic 2024, rich in discoveries and wonderful tasting moments.

There’s once again a wide range to choose from in this auction. Scotch, bourbon, rum, Cognac, Chartreuse, the list goes on! Rum lovers will have trouble choosing between the 40 or so bottles of Caroni; some are limited editions while others are from older bottlings. Could the Employees series or a magnum of Millenium tempt you? You’ll also find bottlings from Velier, including the Magnum Elliott Erwitt series and Foursquare range.

For those of you who enjoy brandy, and those from France in particular, get ready to battle it out over lots of Cognac, including some from non-grafted vines, and Chartreuse as well as mature Spanish editions of this famous liqueur crafted by monks.

It’s impossible to finish writing this article without talking about whisky. Scotland, Japan, the USA, Ireland… All the traditional production countries are represented by a medley of bottlings.

Psssst, there’s also over 100 bottles of Cadenhead with seductive start prices in this auction.

Happy bidding and enjoy the wonderful spirits you’ll taste during this new year!

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