Fine Spirits Auction | Heritage meets the modern

One year ago we launched Fine Spirits Auction in partnership with spirits expert La Maison du Whisky. A new and seventh sale is opening and, one thing is certain, the number of lots bottled in the 21st century is taking precedence over more mature spirits.

To illustrate this, a private catalogue, the first in the history of Fine Spirits Auction, gives pride of place to these recent bottlings. Nearly 450 lots of about 300 different references are to be admired… and won 😉. An extraordinary collection enriched by other lots unearthed from the four corners of France.

A resolutely « modern » private catalogue

Amateurs, collectors, be alert: this private catalogue brings together the finest spirits of our century, bottled over the last twenty years. A way to reread the history of this fascinating universe, this also highlights the trends that have driven the French market.

As you can see, Japanese whiskies are more popular than ever. Some historic distilleries are to be found, such as Yamazaki and Yoichi, as well as others, rarer because they are closed today, such as Karuizawa and Hanyu.

At the dawn of the second millennium, many distilleries with an innovative approach have flourished. Finding their way with a new generation of consumers, they relied on non-age-indicating beverages, technical progress in production and new communication tools to offer particularly young whiskies and to win the loyalty of a clientele eager for knowledge. A challenge that has been brilliantly met, and which can be seen in this private catalogue through names like Kavalan, Octomore, Ballechin, Chichibu, Mars, Port Charlotte and Kilchoman.

The generation of consumers has changed, and so have the producers and merchants. Would you like to find out more about them? You will find here names including Elixir Distillers with their Port Askaig brand and their Elements of Islay range, as well as Compass Box which produces elegant blends without ageing, the fruit of micro vintages.

Emblematic distilleries such as Glendronach and Ardbeg have also reinvented themselves. The former has distinguished itself by its sherry cask maturation, its vintage single casks and the aged version of its malt. The second has chosen to rejuvenate its image by replacing what made its reputation during the 1990s (10, 17 and 25 year old versions and the vintage single casks) with « Special Edition » which do not carry any age mention.

This is a private catalogue that illustrates the trends of recent years. Those which prove that a whisky can arouse envy well before its release. There is no need to wait for years for a bottle to appreciate in value.

But who is the seller of this private catalogue?

Originally a wine enthusiast, the collector who is selling a (good) part of his bottles here turned to spirits in the early 2000s, expanding his knowledge with the help of the expertise of La Maison du Whisky, which guided him in his quest for new products. Very quickly, and by dint of tastings, his heart swayed towards independent bottlers such as Signatory Vintage, Berry Bros and the Italian Hidden Spirits. Also a great lover of rum, his developed a penchant for the Italian house of Velier and its shock bottlings. Enmore, Blairmont, Caroni, Uitvlugt, are just a few more examples of names that feature in the catalogue.

Other figures from the seventh Fine Spirits Auction

While the private catalogue features 21st century bottles, the main auction features many fine signatures from the 1900s. Among them, Bowmore Black 1964, a version of Brora 22 years old vintage 1972 whose 60.02% degree is one of the most difficult bottles to find and which reaches pharaonic sums (around €15,000), Skeldon 1978 Velier, or Hanyu 1991 Jack of Clubs and Rémy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask 43.8 cognac.

Find the full auction on the Fine Spirits Auction website. Happy bidding!

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