Explore the team’s dream winter wine wonderland

A Christmas wine bottle and two wine glasses

There’s no doubt about it, winter is well and truly on its way. And with it, THE celebration that children eagerly anticipate while adults think of with a hint of trepidation: Christmas. It goes without saying that when you think about Christmas, you never just envision a hearty family feast that stretches into the afternoon and evening. You also undoubtedly picture gift lists, shopping marathons, and endless queues at checkouts. With this in mind, and to help you get ahead of the game, the iDealwine team has compiled its ultimate dream wine list. Consider this gift as a sneak peek to spark ideas for the bottles you’ll be wrapping up (or unwrapping!).

Victor, Trade Marketing Coordinator, dreams of shellfish and crustaceans

‘For me, one of the biggest revelations this year has to be the Hubert Lamy estate in Saint-Aubin. We are extremely fortunate to have them as a partner, and when we visited the estate in February every single cuvée we tasted was of the highest possible standard!’ This ‘ripe, mineral and fresh’ wine, to quote Olivier Lamy, is the perfect excuse to sample exceptional food and wine pairings.

‘I’d most definitely go for a more classic pairing, such as grilled lobster or sole with beurre blanc to complement the ‘simple’ Saint-Aubin La Princée. But my ultimate dream is to have the opportunity to taste a cuvée vinified from ‘high density’ plantations (between 20,000 and 30,000 vines per hectare). The concentration of such a wine must be absolutely mind-boggling!‘

Nicolas, Account Manager, dreams of natural wine and bubbles

‘I would absolutely love an Eric Callcut wine. In case you’ve never heard about him, he’s a legendary winemaker who was only in business for 5 years in the 1990s. Those 5 years alone were enough for him to build an incredible reputation for producing natural Loire wines of exceptional quality. If I were going to be tempted to bid at an auction on the site, it would be for one of his wines.

I’m also a massive fan of Chenin wines from the Loire Valley, so I’d love to receive a bottle of Bernaudeau, he happens to be a partner of ours. The cuvée les Nourrissons is arguably their most iconic Chenin plot. And guess what! It’s on this very plot that Bernaudeau succeeded Eric Callcut. The ultimate dream for lovers of the Loire’s flagship white grape variety.

And, to round off the festive season in style, I’d absolutely love to try a Selosse Champagne! To be reasonable, I’d be happy to settle for one of the Lieu-Dit cuvées, so no need to go looking for a special vintage. I’d really love to have the opportunity to taste a bottle of the estate’s Champagnes, which have achieved a brilliant reputation. I’m extremely curious about the slightly oxidative character that is often mentioned during tastings.‘

Laura, Marketing & Communication Manager for Italy, dreams of a Tour de France

Laura envisions a three-course dinner. First, pop the cork on a bottle of the elegant bubbles of André Robert’s Blanc de Blancs ‘Jardin du Mesnil’ Grand Cru. This Champagne is extremely refined, fresh, lively and taut, and also intensely aromatic. With notes of fresh citrus fruit and white flowers, complemented by hints of toasted bread, she has already been seduced by this wine and is eager to taste it again.

After pairing her typical Italian Christmas appetisers, she’s after something to pair with her secundo (the main course on the Italian menu). Her eyes light up and her taste buds start to tingle when she thinks of Albert Mann’s Riesling Grand Cru de Schlossberg, a noble cuvée from Alsace that she especially likes for its biodynamic character. She can already picture herself pairing it with a delicate fish such as brown meagre en papillote or a roasted filet of John Dory.

And because her dreams about wine always include a beautiful shade of red, she simply can’t hide her longstanding passion for Southern French wines. Not least her favourite, still relatively unknown, from the domain of Montcalmès. Its Terrasses du Larzac is simply to die for. It combines a refined structure and silky tannins, with superb Syrah blended with Mourvèdre and Grenache.

Clémentine, Digital Marketer, dreams of wine as soon as she closes her eyes.

Her answer was instantaneous: The Anjou Pavillon from Domaine Terra Vita Vinum. A wine she sampled in a bar during a blind tasting following a friend’s recommendation. Needless to say, she was spot on. A refined cuvée of Chenin (really!), free of additives, which she still remembers for its delicious notes of pears, sweet spices and white flowers, which linger on the palate with great elegance.

Josselin, Sales Administrator, has been dreaming since he was a child

‘If I could choose the wine of my dreams, it would have to be a bottle of Hermitage 1998 from Chapoutier. Why this wine specifically? I’ve heard about this estate ever since I was a little boy, and over the years I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about its great cuvées and how they operate in the vineyard, without ever having had the chance to actually try a drop of their wine. Why a 1998? Simple, it’s the year I was born. Plus, the festive season always provides the perfect excuse for sourcing wines in birth year vintages. And I’m very lucky! I’ve always heard great things about this particular vintage.

Not to mention that a few years ago I drank a 1986 Château Talbot from my father’s cellar without meaning to (I swear!). So in retaliation, he enjoyed a 2003 Hermitage from Chapoutier from my cellar. So it would almost be like payback on life for me to finally be given the chance to taste one of the estate’s wines!‘