Bettane + Desseauve award iDealwine for its innovation in wine!

OrsayOn Thursday 7 December, at the lavish party at the Quai d’Orsay to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Grand Tasting, iDealwine was awarded the “Grand Prize for Wine Innovation”. This distinction pays tribute to the fruits of fifteen years of work to develop and continuously enhance the online auction platform, iDealwine price database, indices iDealwineindex, and free mobile app. We are very proud to have earned this recognition!

Innovation-1It was a memorable evening at the Quai d’Orsay as the bettane+desseauve team celebrated in lavish style the 10th anniversary of a fair which has become a key fixture on the wine scene – the Grand Tasting Paris. To mark the occasion, the two leading French wine tasters decided to single out 10 companies which have striven to modernise the wine world with innovative ideas ranging from barrels to carafes, including flawless corks and revolutionary tools such as the Coravin. iDealwine featured among the chosen few!

Our website was commended for revolutionising the wine auction scene and improving accessibility by making it available to wine enthusiasts online in a totally virtual form. In the words of our esteemed CEO, Cyrille Jomand: “Technological innovation is at the core of our strategy and iDealwine has taken the wine auction business from the 19th to the 21st century and opened it up to a global clientele.”

As you can imagine, we are delighted with this award! It provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the last 10 years – or even 15 years as iDealwine was born in 2000 – and to measure just how much we have achieved to get where we are today. Things have certainly come on since the days when our website was scarcely more than a glorified Excel spreadsheet, even thought the basic structure was in place! This prize gives us a boost and the incentive to innovate further to bring you an ever more specialised, fast and accurate service, wherever you are in the world.

As you will have noticed, iDealwine is currently undergoing an overhaul so that we can continue to modernise our website on a rolling basis. One of the latest developments is the “responsive” format, making it easier to navigate the iDealwine website from any device – a smartphone, tablet or good old-fashioned desktop. Another major enhancement is the introduction of filters to help you refine your search for wines on the impressive list of bottles available either at auction or by direct purchase. We also have an app which, whether you swear by your iPhone or are an Android aficionado, will provide access to the iDealwine price database even when you are off-line (in the depths of your cellar, for example) – a unique feature.

However, our role extends beyond this. We use information from the wine price database and auctions to provide advice on purchases and investments by offering you regular analysis of market trends based on our exclusive indices iDealwineindex.

This award builds on the success of our company, which has become the leading wine auction business, bringing together almost 400,000 wine enthusiasts from 45 countries. Our subsidiary, International Wine Auction, which runs the online iDealwine wine auctions, is currently the leading wine auction company in France. However, we have set our sights beyond France – iDealwine is now the number two online wine auction operator in the world.

In his award presentation speech, Thierry Desseauve praised the common journey, shared trust, and mutually supportive relationship of bettane+desseauve and iDealwine. You were the first to believe in us and support us,” said Thierry Desseauve, and this was echoed by Cyrille Jomand: You were also some of the first people to recognise the potential of the iDealwine auction model when we started in 2000.”


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