Auction top picks | Mature Burgundy and a 100% Roumier catalogue

Not only does this auction feature some of the finest names in Burgundy, but many of them are already at a perfect age to be uncorked. We also have a special catalogue composed of 37 lots by Georges Roumier. Plus, if Burgundy isn’t your bag, you can bid on bottles from other classic regions, too.

A special catalogue: 100% Georges Roumier

Part of this auction is dedicated to the wines of a single collector. This time, there are 37 lots up for bidding, and they all come from the highly renowned Domaine Georges Roumier. And these 37 lots are all in just two cuvées:

The available vintages range from 1995 to 2017. An exceptional opportunity not to be missed.

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Perfectly matured Burgundy

Some of the most exceptional bottles in the business, to cite just a few:

Fine Bordeaux and Rhône

Beyond the mature Burgundy, we’ve not forgotten our other favourites, including these top picks from Bordeaux and the Rhône:

If you’re tempted by this selection, you might want to explore the full auction and place a bid or two; you can access the sale here.

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