Ask iDealwine | Current favourites from the team!

team cellar favourites

Long winter evenings and France’s curfew have given us the chance to have a think about the delicious wines we’ve got waiting in our cellar. Here, we give you an insight into the sharing wines and cellaring cuvées we’ve been looking forward to.

Paul, Supply Chain Manager

Sharing wine: 2018 Bon Icer from Monte Dei Roari

“An amazing discovery I made here thanks to the arrival of the Triple A selection. This is a simple wine with lovely fruit. It’s really easy to drink and has a controlled acidity. One to share with friends at an aperitif.”

Cellaring wine: 2016 Saumur Les Arboises from Domaine Guiberteau

“I find that the fine wines of the Loire, a Cabernet Franc in this instance, aren’t yet widely known or justly appreciated. Guiberteau is the perfect example of this kind of wine, I love both the reds and the whites.”

Jean-Baptiste Martin, Buying team

Sharing wine: 2018 Côtes-du-Jura Marie from François Rousset Martin

“This wine has phenomenal energy. It’s vibrant and lively, and it needs about two hours of aeration before tasting. Its key notes are truffle and flint, and its palate nicely balances fat and tautness, lingering on the tastebuds.”

Cellaring wine: 2016 Nuits-Saint-Georges L’Homme from Ballorin

“When it comes to picking a wine to mature, I tend to go for Burgundy. I really like this domain, where their work in the vineyard is impeccable, sometimes accepting a 70% loss of the harvest in order to produce the best. This is a supple wine that can be enjoyed already, but I can assure you that it has incredible ageing potential.”

Benoit, Technical Project Manager

Sharing wine: 2018 Arbois Ingénu Pinot Noir from Ratapoil

“You have to try this wine! A gem of a Pinot Noir, it’s a way to branch out from the Jura’s usual Trousseau and Poulsard cuvées. L’Ingénu is a really easy-drinking wine, light with a lovely acidity and a flavourful palate. It’s like biting into a crisp fruit! Absolutely lovely!”

Cellaring wine: 1977 Rivesaltes from Domaine Casenobe

“A melty chocolate pudding and a bottle of mature Rivesaltes is the perfect combination. This natural sweet wine stands out for its aromas of leather, coffee, and cacao.”

Manon, Marketing Assistant

Sharing wine: 2018 Chablis from Billaud-Simon

“For me, the curfew means I’ve been getting quite a lot of take-out for dinner…and I’m a big fan of sushi! This pairs well with the Chablis from Domaine Billaud-Simon for its freshness and minerality. Sushi and Chablis with friends is the perfect recipe!”

Cellaring wine: 1995 Château d’Yquem

“Since I’m still a bit of a novice in the world of wine, I’m sticking to a trusty classic here, so it has to be a bottle from the timeless Bordeaux. I’d like to pick a 1995 Château d’Yquem, as it’s such a prestigious name. This vintage means I could choose to uncork it now or leave it for a while in my cellar…if I’m feeling patient! I’d enjoy it with dark chocolate candied orange or a delicious tarte tatin!”

Rebecca, Translator

Sharing wine: 2018 Riesling Les Eléments from Bott-Geyl

“A lovely sharing wine that I’d love to open with a simple meal. This is an elegant cuvée with a nice minerality, and it’s a good way to get to know the work of this Alsace domain. It’s also part of our must-have selection! Its mineral touch calls for delicate pairings like a seafood platter or a Thai curry, since the aromatic flavours of the latter will go nicely with the citrus nuance in the wine.”

Cellaring wine: 2013 Grotte Alte from Arianna Occhipinti

“In the hopes that we can celebrate some happy occasions this year (let’s be optimistic!), I’d like to put Arianna Occhipinti’s Grotte Alte in the cellar. This is a domain that intrigues me, run by a producer who is dedicated to cultivating Sicily’s ancestral grapes. This fine wine would have to be served alongside a traditional Italian meal to really enjoy its depth and to immerse in the splendour of such a beautiful country.”

Alix, International Development Manager

Sharing wine: a cuvée from Domaine de la Paonnerie

“I’d pick Domaine de la Paonnerie…but I can’t just pick one cuvée! Both the reds and whites are great! They’re some of my favourites at the moment, they’re just as good for an elaborate meal as for a last-minute aperitif. They’ve got a really lively, pure profile. They’re flavoursome and fresh, as well as having a certain complexity, which means they’re perfect for beginners and more seasoned wine lovers alike.”

Cellaring wine: vins jaunes

“It has to be a vin jaune: En Spois from Tissot or Domaine des Marnes Blanches. These are the bottles tempting me the most from my cellar at the moment. I’m resisting, though, as I don’t want to open them too soon!”

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