6 Low Alcohol Drinks to Savour

There are many reasons that you might go searching for a low alcoholic beverage (you can use our filters to find them!) – we’ve listed 6 of our favourites.

Before we get stuck into the beverages, we just wanted to share a useful tool that is available on iDealwine. When you view your search result, look to the menu on the left-hand side and you’ll see the option to filter by alcohol percentage. This will let you see what low alcoholic beverages are for sale – a super feature when you know you don’t want something too strong and don’t want to sift through pages and pages of wine (no matter how fun that can be).

the alcohol percentage feature on the iDealwine website

Now onto the six bottles!

Cantepie from Herout

This Normandy cider contains just 4% ABV and is meant to enjoyed like you would a fine wine. The apples grow in a single orchard (a rarity in the world of cider) of 3 hectares and go on to produce a beverage with notes of fresh apple, butter and brioche.

Poiré Granit from Eric Bordelet

Sticking with a similar type of drink, we found this haute-couture perry produced by Eric Bordelet, a trained sommelier. Bursting with pear and almond aromas, it is created from 15 different varieties of pear and with the same care and precision as a top-quality wine.

Ze Bulle from Béret Et Compagnie – Bruno Ciofi

Crafted from grapes grown in the Loire Valley, this refreshing, aromatic sparkling wine is perfect for an apéritif, picnic or hot summer’s day. The fine bubbles pop to reveal cherries and crushed raspberries and it’s fresh and balanced on the palate.

Graacher Domprobst Kabinett from Willi Schaefer

This dry Riesling from Germany’s Mosel stands at 7.5% ABV. This lively wine oozes notes of apple and citrus, white flowers and minerals. Thanks to its lovely freshness, it would make a great pairing for salty foods, goat’s cheese or fish.

Eszencia from Disznoko

You might be surprised to see a Tokaji sweet wine on this list but with only 3% ABV, it really doesn’t contain much alcohol. This is because the high amount of sugar within the grapes makes alcoholic fermentation difficult. Inside the bottle, the wine contains notes of sweet spices, honey, caramel, oak, and dried fruit.

Scharzhofberger Spätlese from Egon Muller

Spätlese is a type of German wine made from grapes that were harvested a little late. They are similar to the semi-sweet ones found in the Loire. And this Riesling from Egon Muller is full of tropical fruit flavours and a pinch of warming spices that rest on an elegant palate.

One final note before we leave you to enjoy these drinks, alcohol percentages of wines can change from one vintage to the next due to a difference in weather conditions. Therefore, if you find a wine you’ve already sampled, check the alcohol percentage if it’s from a different vintage to see whether it falls within the range you’re looking for.

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