Your Brexit Questions Answered | Yes, iDealwine ships from France to the UK!

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Wine lovers in the UK have been asking – after Brexit can I still order French wine? Is iDealwine still shipping to the UK? Are there fees to pay and how long does delivery take? This article is here to answer all of your important wine questions now that the UK is no longer in the EU.

Does iDealwine ship to the UK?

Yes, we do! Shipping has resumed for all of iDealwine’s UK customers – great news for British wine lovers and all of our friends across the Channel! Whether you’re on the hunt for a rare bottle, want to stock up on your favourites; whether you’re back for the classics or you are looking for a new and exciting producer, all are available for customers in the UK, both at fixed-price and at auction.

Are there any additional fees, taxes, or charges?

Unfortunately for all orders, UK VAT and other charges excise duty are payable on receipt of goods.

Here is the breakdown of additional costs you can expect. Please note this relates to wine only.

For all orders of €449.99 or less (£389 at time of writing)

  • VAT of 20% is payable (French VAT can be recouped in many cases)
  • A flat fee of approximately £34.50 is payable upon receipt of goods. This includes a ‘Disbursement fee’ and a ‘non routine formal entry’ tax.

For all orders of €450 or more (£389 at time of writing)

  • 20% VAT is payable (as explained in previous updates, French VAT can be recouped in many cases)
  • 2.5% disbursement fee is payable.
  • A flat fee of approximately £23 is payable upon receipt of goods. This relates to a ‘non routine formal entry’ tax.


Will French VAT be reimbursed?

In many cases, yes. VAT depends on the goods purchased, whether they are new or pre-owned bottles. For all orders processed where French VAT is refundable, your French VAT will be credited to your iDealwine account, or a refund can be requested.

Pre-owned wines are usually found at auction as iDealwine sources mature vintages and rare bottles from cellars across Europe, verifies them for authenticity before bringing to auction. However, we occasionally buy entire wine collections (from top restaurants for example) and offer these bottles at fixed prices. In both of these cases, VAT is non-refundable.

It may sound complicated, but it is very easy to check whether you will be entitled to recoup this charge – every product on iDealwine includes information about whether it is VAT refundable or not in the technical description,.

wine VAT refund iDealwine

Before you begin the search for your ideal wine (pun intended), simply go to “advanced search” settings and filter “yes” to the VAT refundable option. It’s that simple!

refund VAT on wine after Brexit

How much does it cost to ship wine from France to the UK post-Brexit?

With iDealwine, our shipping fees have not changed, and you can ship up to 12 bottles for €29.00 (approximately £26, subject to currency exchange fluctuation). Express shipping is available, 12 bottles for €43.50 (approximately £39, subject to currency exchange fluctuation).

How long does delivery take?

As eager as we all are to receive our deliveries, we ask that you be patient! The paperwork associated with customs, taxes, and duties is new for everyone, including couriers. Pre-Brexit standard delivery took 3-7 working days, express delivery took 2-5 working days, so we ask for a little leeway while our delivery partners iron out some teething problems and tackle Covid-19 related delays.

As always, our bottles are wrapped in specially designed isothermal packaging, meaning your wine is protected against temperature differences, humidity, and breakage.

Are they any other options available for delivery?

Yes, you can proceed with delivery under bond. If you’re not familiar with this, we like to think of it as the new way to “click and collect”. Wines that are ‘under bond’ are those which have not had VAT or duty paid on them. As such they cannot be delivered to you for consumption without paying the relevant duty and taxes. UK VAT is payable when you pick your wines up from your local under bond warehouse. As above, French VAT will be credited to your iDealwine account or a refund can be requested.

Do you offer wine storage? I will be in Paris and would prefer to pick my wine up myself.

Yes, we do. iDealwine’s headquarters in located in Colombes, just outside Paris. Storage is free for 30 days after purchase, after that you will be charged €0.035 per day, per bottle. Our storage facilities are optimal, and you can collect your wines with 48 hours’ notice. Collecting your wine in person in France means no VAT charges are applicable. This service may be suitable for iDealwine clients who travel regularly to France (Covid-19 permitting) or for returning French residents.

Now that’s all cleared up, can I get some advice on choosing a wine?

At the time of writing, there were 100,636 bottles for sale on iDealwine, in our auctions and at fixed price. That’s a lot of options to wade through! To get started, why not get some advice from Margaux, our in-house sommelière? This is a great tool if you have a meal in mind and you would like to pair it with the perfect wine! iDealwine’s tasting team has recently reviewed our list of 50 must-have wines (it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!), a great base for building a cellar. Finally, if you have a budget in mind and would like a professional to build a tailor-made collection on your behalf, stay-tuned for this new service which is coming very soon!


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