What is the iDealwine team drinking this summer?

Members of the iDealwine team with a glass of wine

Summer is the perfect time for sipping wine with friends or beside the pool (with moderation, of course). At iDealwine, August doesn’t mean we all down tools and head off on holiday, so our team is partial to sharing a glass of wine together after work to bring the summer holiday feeling to Paris. Read on to find out what bottles we’re opening during summer 2023. 


For Maxence, summer means sipping well chilled rosé with friends (but don’t expect to see him adding ice cubes to his glass to create a “piscine” popularised by the one and only Brigitte Bardot). His favourite? The Susucaru rosé by Frank Cornelissen. It’s a vinous, very refreshing wine that is perfect for a meal with friends.


Agathe also opts for rosés and is gravitating towards those from Corsica which are appreciated for their intense nose and flavourful aromas. This summer, she is enjoying Domaine Sant Armettu’s wines with a small preference for the Myrtus cuvée which she likes for its fresh peach notes.


This summer, Antonia is turning to her home nation for her go-to wine. The Riesling from Loimer takes her back to her student days in Vienna. It’s a floral wine with wonderful acidity which she never tires of, even (especially!) after a few glasses.


Louis has a preference for white wines this summer. Domaine Trapet, known for its high-quality wines and its bottles from the Gevrey-Chambertin and Chapelle Chambertin appellations, immediately springs to mind. But his favourite wines are the moment come from the domain’s Alsace plots, most notably the Riesling whose minerality and freshness is a welcome addition to any summer drinks among friends.


Flavours and pairings are the priority for Zoé. Her simple pleasure comes from a classic pairing: the traditional burrata and tomatoes with a bottle of Côte de Provence from Domaine Rimauresq, a dense and flavourful rosé.


Jérémy, who has just come back from holiday in the Basque Country where he is from, recommends his new favourite. It’s the powerful and spiced red wine Irouléguy from Domaine Arretxea, which he will enjoy until the leaves start to take on their Autumn colours. Even in the summer heat, this unconditional fan of red wine wouldn’t dream of swapping a good tannic one for something a bit lighter.

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