We have something new for you – the iDealwine Wallet!

The iDealwine loyalty card in your wallet and the iDealwine logo

Simpler, quicker and easier… These are just some of the reasons to add iDealwine to your wallet, a new tool we’re using which means that you won’t miss a beat or that bottle you’ve had your heart set on for so long. Try it; we’re sure you’ll love it!

Instructions on how to download the iDealwine loyalty card to the wallet

Add your iDealwine loyalty card to your mobile phone

What is the wallet? It’s located on your mobile phone and is where you can add your iDealwine loyalty card to. But how does it work? After opening your loyalty card in your phone’s wallet, you’ll see an overview of your iDealwine account which includes your loyalty programme status as well as your balance on the “front”. On the “back” of the card, you’ll find all the useful links that’ll take you to the website and allow you to explore the week’s latest additions, bottles whose stock is running low, mature vintages, current offers and so much more.

But what’s in it for you, you’re asking as you already receive iDealwine’s emails and keep an eye out for seasonal offers on the website? With your loyalty card in your phone’s wallet, you can access a number of extremely advantageous benefits.

Along with all the information that’s available at a touch of a button, you will get exclusive, early-bird access to different offers. In fact, a little after new selections or the latest additions are available online, you’ll receive a notification informing you of this and, of course, it’ll be before our main emails are sent. There’s no longer any need to go back through the many emails in your inbox to find our selections; they’ll all be in one place in your wallet.

Adding the loyalty card to your smartphones – whether they are Apple or Android – is quick and easy (you can follow the steps from the infographic above):

  1. Log into your account by clicking on “My iDealwine” either on your phone or your computer.
  2. Click on the “iDealwine is always to hand” banner which appears at the top of the screen and then follow the instructions given.

Make sure that you activate notifications to benefit from all the advantages that this tool gives you.

Don’t wait a second longer to ensure that you never miss out on a new selection or exclusive iDealwine wallet special offers!

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