Top 10 most read articles of 2020

2020 was decidedly a year to stay inside. Looking for alternative kinds of entertainment, lots of us slowed down and turned to more mindful activities. Considering the figures from our blog this year, many of you took the opportunity to learn more about the world of wine and what’s in your glass. Good for you! Here’s a round-up of what you found most interesting this year.

  1. Our one-stop guide to the WSET Level 3 exam

Giving us a chance to reflect, the obstacles of 2020 clearly weren’t enough to dampen the ambition of wine-lovers across the world. Our guide to studying for the WSET Level 3 exam was a top read, demonstrating how much serious interest there is for one of the wine industry’s most sought-after qualifications.

  1. Tokay or Pinot Gris? What’s the difference?

Dessert wines are a real treat, and these indulgent nectars are some of the sweetest bombs of aromatic flavour you’ll ever taste. But they don’t all fall under the same label. This article delves into the regional, varietal, and methodical differences between the famously golden Tokay and Pinot Gris wines.

  1. What is a long finish for a wine?

In the jargon of wine descriptions, you might hear of ‘persistence on the palate’, or even of caudalies. Let’s be honest, some of these terms are not so self-explanatory. But it’s pleasing to see that curiosity has led readers to our treasure trove of wine tasting commentary.

  1. What conditions are necessary for producing a great wine?

There’s always more to be learnt about the vast and complex world of viticulture. And with much talk of the climate crisis altering the environment irreversibly, we’re thinking more and more about how wine makers might adapt their methods without compromising on quality.

  1. Giuseppe Quintarelli: the Maestro of Amarone

Zooming into the work of a particular producer, one of our most-read articles in 2020 was about Giuseppe Quintarelli, a legend of Valpolicella in Italy. Making the globally-renowned, Venetian ‘Amarone’ wine has traditional roots, with an excellence incarnated by this superb producer.

  1. A guide to the grapes of France

Returning to French soil, it’s always helpful to go back to basics. Each region of France has its own stars when it comes to the varietals planted, each one at home and thriving, then later crafted into an expressive illustration of its earthy origins.

  1. Why is it Château in Bordeaux and Domaine in Burgundy?

The classic regions of Bordeaux and Burgundy have much in common, especially in terms of finesse and prestige, but they certainly have individual character! Here we look at why their winemaking estates tend to carry different names.

  1. LA-LA-LA: the legendary Guigal trio

Third place on the podium goes to an icon of the northern Rhône, a producer that continues to attract attention around the world for their elegantly complex wines. Here’s a closer look at their story, including the famous trio of cuvées: La Mouline, La Landonne, and La Turque.

  1. Methuselahs, nebuchadnezzars…what’s in a (bottle) name?

The world of wine has its very own language, and the names given to different sized bottles seem to draw in a regular stream of intrigued readers. Whether it’s the allure of a strange, long word, fascination at the size of these cuvées, or just for informative purposes, this is a surprising subject to be clued up on.

1.Is Petrus worth the price?

In first place for 2020, the article that most people read was about a real legend of the wine world. With iDealwine being a leader in market analysis, you can trust that our judgement on price evolutions and the value of big names is authentic and well-researched. So…is this fine red wine all it’s cracked up to be?

So, there we have it. These were the subjects that piqued your interest the most in 2020. We’re so pleased to be part of a community so keen to expand your horizons when it comes to all things wine and viticulture, so we can’t wait to carry on learning with you in the year to come! Make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to keep up with all of our content, including market analysis, food pairing ideas, latest trends, and all you could wish to know about wine.

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