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NEW: find organic wines on iDealwine in just one click

iDealwine has introduced another new function - there is, after all, a reason why we won an award for innovation! From now on, to raise the status of estates that care about the environment and our health, we are listing our wines according to production approach. You can find them in just one click - here's how… Astute iDealwine users that you are, you must have noticed that, for a few days now, our search function has included a filter for production criteria. So, if you want to find wines from organic, biodynamic or…

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Biodynamic, organic, sustainable?

An introduction to sustainability Impossible to miss, this yearly “grande messe” of the En Primeur, where about 5,000 wine trade and press gather talking, gossiping, swirling, spitting, bashing or praising the new releases. For my second year of this tasting, I was glad to discover a better vintage than 2013. Part of the iDealwine team of four visiting this year, we tasted hundreds of extremely (often too) young juices full of tannins and anthocyanins, all the way from the left to the right bank. We finished our two-day visit with obviously black teeth,…

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