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Vineyards of the world: US, Chile and Argentina

If there's one area where the French can't claim the grass is greener elsewhere, it has to be wine. And yet there are some fabulous wine regions all around the world. The problem is, it's always hard to know where to start. So come with us, and let iDealwine take you on a guided tour of the world. It's a simple fact that the vineyards of France are full of hidden gems, and a single lifetime isn't long enough to discover them all. So we'll have to plead guilty to not being exhaustively…

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When Brexit becomes a wine issue or an opportunity  

The UK has always been one of the major players for world wine imports. Indeed wine consumption accounts for more than one-third of UK alcohol consumption in volume. French wine exportations to England go back a long time ago. During the XIIth century, Bordeaux region was British and thanks to maritime paths many barrels were exported to England. Brits have always enjoyed drinking fine wine and especially French. Brexit may have consequences on this historical pleasure.     The impact of Brexit on wine trade From a macroeconomic point of view, Brexit will…

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