Spotlight | The iDealwine Storage Cellar

Wine storage cellar

Launched earlier this year, the iDealwine storage cellar is a modern, connected, accessible, and bespoke solution for keeping your wines on a short- or long-term basis.

iDealwine’s storage cellar is suited to both private and professional wine buyers alike, offering even more than what you’d expect from such a service, with features specific to iDealwine. Here are the four key features to note:

. Ideal cellaring conditions

iDealwine’s storage and aging cellar, located in Champagne, has the best conditions for preserving your wine: controlled and constant temperature throughout the year, between 12 and 14°C, hygrometry levels kept at around 70%, away from light and protected from vibrations.

. Total security

The cellar is entirely secure and equipped with video surveillance. Your wines are insured and reimbursed in the case of damage. If you’d like your bottles to be delivered from the cellar, this process is also covered, including specially-adapted packaging, fast shipment, and a consideration of weather conditions during transit.

. Assessment and photos

All the wines stored in our cellar will be meticulously assessed for their condition and also photographed. On request, the bottles can also be equipped with a WineDex© tag as proof of authenticity and traceability.

. A digitalised solution

Your wines can be placed into storage directly from purchase on our site, or alternatively by online request – any wines can be stored in our cellar, including bottles that have been purchased elsewhere. In just a few clicks, you can ask for some or all of your wines to be delivered, you can come and pick them up, or even sell them via our auctions.

As you can tell, simplicity is key here, as we wish to provide a storage service that is easy to access, secure, and adapted to your individual needs as a wine collector.

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