Smells like keen spirit | New auction site launched!

Today is a big day! Together with La Maison du Whisky, iDealwine is launching a new, shared auction site for selling fine spirits: Here are all the details so you can join us on this new and exciting venture!

FineSpirits.Auction is a new, online auction platform for whisky and spirits, created in partnership with La Maison du Whisky, France’s whisky specialist. And the first sale opens today, Friday 20th November, closing on the 11th December.

Why make a new online auction site?

As those of you who have been with us for a while will have noticed, we already have some superb spirits for sale in our iDealwine auctions. But since we have seen a rising demand for these products, it is time to see the bigger picture and provide a dedicated space with expert resources. La Maison du Whisky has often contacted by professionals and private collectors wanting to find out the value of an old or rare bottle that they wish to sell on. And, until now, France has been lacking a specialist in online auctions for whisky and fine spirits.

Beyond the demand and the gap in the market, this project has also been spurred on by passion and a desire to learn. Fine wine and spirits are two worlds that share much in common, but they also have many differences. The team at iDealwine has been keen to explore the intriguing features of Scotch and Japanese whisky, of Caribbean and Cuban rhum, to hold centuries-old cognacs and armagnacs in their hands. As for the team at La Maison du Whisky, their interest was piqued by the running of auctions, the heated and dynamic final moments of a sale, and were ready to share their vast knowledge. This has been an exciting process on both sides.

iDealwine, top French wine auctioneer and a global leader in online auctions, and La Maison du Whisky, France’s spirits specialist since 1956, have thus come together to write the next page in alcohol auction history. With such high-standing qualifications, you can imagine that FineSpirits.Auction is likely to quickly take a place of choice in the sector.

The best site for buying and selling spirits

Combining a twenty-year expertise in running fine wine auctions with a comprehensive knowledge of fine spirits, FineSpirits.Auction can propose the highest quality of service for its clients, whether they be buyers or sellers.

Regulated auctions

FineSpirits.Auction benefits from iDealwine’s twenty years of experience and expertise in holding digital auctions, guaranteeing due procedure and a totally secure process. The sales are organised within the regulated legal framework of public auctions. A guarantee is held by licensed auctioneers, certified ministerial officers who ensure regularity in proceedings.

A bespoke service for sellers

FineSpirits.Auction comprises teams with many specialisms. We have a customer service team dedicated solely to clients who sell their sprits with us; they know all there is to know about online auctions, along with hints and tips for getting the best results (how to separate lots, setting prices, the best selling period…), thanks to a vast knowledge of the market and its products. This means that sellers have access to bespoke advice.

Once your bottles are the responsibility of, they are insured, and shipments are sent across the world in secure packaging as efficiently as possible. This is also the only online spirit auction house to guarantee payment to sellers within 35 days of their lots finding a buyer.

The site also gives global visibility to products, with auctions promoted at iDealwine and, two websites that already have an established clientele from across the world.

With all of this together, FineSpirits.Auction has everything in place to offer a bespoke service to sellers, allowing them to put their bottles under the hammer in the best conditions.

Mature, rare, and collectors’ spirits: an incredible selection

Much like iDealwine does in the world of fine wines, FineSpirit.Auction offers the cream of the crop of the world’s finest spirits: there’s whisky, rum, cognac, gin, vodka, and chartreuses. In each of these categories, the bottles available count among some of the most prestigious and renowned, the most prized signatures, with rare, collectors’ bottles, too.

Naturally, the whisky selection is the largest and most comprehensive, whether in terms of origin (Ireland, Scotland, England, Japan, Taiwan, US…), category (pure malt, single malt, blended malt, blended scotch, bourbon…) or style. Other kinds of spirit, especially rum, also feature in a rich selection.

Every spirit up for sale in the auction has been thoroughly authenticated, inspected, photographed, and written up to give you as much information as possible about the bottle itself and where it comes from.

It’s time to get bidding!

Head to FineSpirits.Auction