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Piedmont, the historic and iconic Italian region, reveals all its secrets in this selection that contains symbolic domains like Roagna, Roberto Voerzio, Bruno Rocca and Luigi Pira. Wines from the region’s best DOCs – Barolo, Barbaresco, Langhe, Barbera d’Alba and Dolcetto d’Alba – can be yours in just a few clicks!

Symbolic domains

Iconic wineries and rising stars, the following properties contribute to Piedmont’s reputation:

  • Roagna: Luca Roagna, the fifth generation of the family to run this historic winery, loyally represents the Piedmont region and Barbaresco. The winemaker also attracts lots of interest from lovers of light wines. He is definitely one of the most celebrated winemakers from the world of fin Italian wines. The finesse and freshness of his wines as well as the way he avoids imparting too much wood onto them have made them a firm favourite of many – and difficult to find!
  • Azienda Agricola Luigi Pira: Located in Serralunga d’Alba, at the heart of Langhe, next to famous wineries such as the one belonging to Angelo Gaja and close to, Luigi Pira is hands down one of the rising wineries in the Piedmont region. The azienda extends across around ten hectares in Marenca, Margheria and Vignarionda.
  • Roberto Voerzio: Starting with only two hectares, this winery grew little by little until it covered 52. Now an icon of the Piedmont region, its strengths lie in the healthy density of its vines, the healthy nature in which it cares for its noble, local varieties and its meticulous vindication methods. All of which have led to wines that have given it superstar status.
  • Bruno Rocca: Situated in Barbaresco since 1834, the Rocca family tended to several crops with grapevines making a significant amount of their income having first bottled their win in 1978. Over time, vinification and viticulture techniques have improved and with these advancements, the family have been able to produce brilliant Piedmont wine…which you can find on iDealwine.😉

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