Organic Greek Wine | Tetramythos


Perched on the beautiful Mediterranean coastline, in the north of the Peloponnese, we adore this Greek organic winery producing exceptional wines

iDealwine is based in France, so we hold up our hands to say that our speciality is French wine (it would surely be a crime if not, no?) but that’s not to say we don’t love to expand our horizons!

This week, we’re transporting wine lovers to the stunning shores of the Peloponnese peninsula, to Tetramythos.  Between 400 and 1,000 metres above sea level, in the middle of a region covered with Aleppo pines which, cradled by the winds of the Gulf of Corinth, rub shoulders with vines under an idyllic Mediterranean sun. Chatting to the locals in the nearby town of Patras, you will learn that the region has a rich wine-making history and has become known for its amphora wines. Indeed, it is here that the first “pithos” were made.

Owner Panayiotis Papagiannopoulos studied oenology in Athens in the 1990s, and then worked in consulting, before taking on the role of winemaker and take over this 10-hectare estate. Since then, he has been cultivating native grape varieties including Mavro Kalavrytino and Roditis.

Wishing to make his wines a true reflection of this unique sandy and gravelly terroir, where the pine trees offer their resinous aromas to the berries growing around, Mr. Papagiannopoulos has opted for the most natural cultivation and vinification possible.

Natural wines, wines aged in amphorae, white maceration wines or even retsina, everything that comes from the hand of this talented winemaker is successful well beyond his borders. And for good reason, their minerality, salinity and citrus notes give them an edifying, even exemplary freshness and accessibility.

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