New release! iDealwine’s 2022 Barometer has been published

Here we are, the Bible of the wine auction market has been published. Based on an analysis of the 2021 auctions, this exclusive document puts into perspective the main market trends that are emerging for 2022. The result is more than 200 pages of advice on how to manage your cellar and make the right buying and reselling decisions..

2021, a very dynamic year for the wine market

With much instability surrounding the pandemic and its effects, the wine auction market reacted unexpectedly: 48 auctions were organised on the iDealwine platform (compared to 41 in 2020), including 9 Private Collection sales dedicated to the exceptional cellar of a single wine lover. More than 190,000 bottles were sold during the year (+8.5% compared to 2020) for a total amount of €27 million (+17.5%). These figures highlight a major price effect which is confirmed with the auction price per bottle ranging from €1 to €28,244, i.e. an average of €139 (+9%) per bottle (75 cl. equivalent).

At the end of the year, the surge in the price of great wines was amplified, targeting the great signatures of Burgundy, the Rhône and the Jura, which are extremely coveted and confronted with an imbalance between supply – very low – and demand – still very much growing. This phenomenon has primarily hit wines from estates like Auvenay, Leroy, DRC, Overnoy, des Miroirs and Château Rayas…

Cyrille Jomand, our CEO, confirms « If the demand is concentrated on the leading names in Burgundy, no region is now left out of the craze for fine wine. This is excellent news for the French and foreign wine industry”.

The most expensive wines of 2021

– The most expensive lot of the year: Assortment of 12 bottles of 2017 (1 bt Romanée-Conti, 4 bt La-Tâche, 3 bt Richebourg, 4 bt Romanée-Saint-Vivant), Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, sold for €42,857

– Most expensive bottle (75cl): 2006 Musigny, Domaine Leroy, sold for €28,244

– Most expensive bottle: Echézeaux 2006, Domaine Bizot, sold for €41,752

– The most expensive spirit (excluding sales on Fine Spirits Auction): 1 bottle of Karuizawa 33 years Number One Drinks Ex-Sherry Single Cask Butt N°136 bottled July 2014 LMDW Artist Warren Khong 1981, sold for €5,526

– The most expensive spirit at Fine Spirits Auction: 1 bottle of Karuizawa 29 years Number One Drinks Bourbon Cask N°8897 Specialty Drinks, sold for €17,936

The main market trends in 2021-2022

In addition to the sharp rise in prices, the fundamental trends that have already been at work in recent years have been confirmed:

– While Bordeaux remains the leading region in terms of volumes traded, with 40.5% of the total against 22% for Burgundy, the latter consolidated its leading position in terms of value sold (38.3% of the total amount auctioned in 2021, against 33.9% for Bordeaux)

– An ever-growing interest in organic, biodynamic and natural wines (Jura & Loire in pole position with 6 representatives each in the Top 20 most expensive organic and natural wines)

– A diversification of regions attracting bidders: strong progress for Languedoc-Roussillon, amplified after the death of Laurent Vaillé (Grange des Pères), emergence of Auvergne

– The globalisation of demand with a still solid and resilient French base: 49% French customers, 29% from Europe, 18% from Asia, 4% from other regions

– Confirmation of the strong demand for fine spirits at auction: Fine Spirits Auction hosted 6 sales, with 2,847 bottles sold (plus over 600 spirits auctioned through iDealwine).

You can purchase the Barometer here!

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