NEW! iDealwine is launching a podcast

Want something to listen to on your way to work? Or perhaps while you drink your Sunday morning coffee? Or even to brush up on your knowledge before wining and dining? Well, we’ve got a good idea for you…

Grappologie – le Podcast d’iDealwine

Presenting Grappologie, the iDealwine podcast to accompany you in your passion for wine. We’re lucky enough to interview wine makers on a regular basis, discussing their work, their passions, their wine, and their future projects. They’ll be joining us direct from their domains, immersing us in a world that can seem so far from the wine that’s eventually served in our glass.


The first episode is a special one, the presentation of our 2022 Auction Barometer that outlines major trends in the fine wine market and using these to predict how best to invest. You can listen to the first episode here!

Following this, our in-depth interviews with winemakers from across your favourite regions will be underway. We’ll start with Jean-Baptiste Senat (Languedoc), before posting our discussions with Philippe Guigal (Rhône), Giulia Negri (Piedmont), Marcel Deiss (Alsace), and Armand Heitz (Burgundy). Watch this space for updates!


We’ll be posting our podcast on Spotify, Anchor, Apple Podcasts, and Deezer…let us know if you’d like to listen elsewhere, and we’ll see what we can do!

Practice your French!

For now, the vast majority of the episodes will be in French (it’s rare that we interview vignerons from outside the Hexagon) so why not use the podcast to improve your listening skills? We’re not saying it’ll be easy, but it’s a real-life resource that combines a love for wine with one of its most important producer countries…

Check out our first episode on Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Podcasts!

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