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At iDealwine, it is always a delight to replenish our cellar. We look to the finest vineyards of France and beyond to find the rare pearls that will fulfil your utmost desires. Whether you’re looking for an aperitif wine, an easy-drinking cuvée, a cult name, or a vintage to leave in the cellar, our selection of favourites is sure to include a wine to please.

Great value bottles

Finding moments of joy in life’s everyday pleasures may be just the comfort you seek at this time of year. We recommend uncorking an easy drinking bottle to wind down, and there’s no need to break the bank for that. For a white wine, how about the 2018 Givry Champ Pourot from Domaine Ragot, or the 2019 Côtes-du-Roussillon Les Sorcières from Clos des Fées? For a red cuvée, the Beaujolais remains a go-to region with its fluid and fruity Gamay wine that goes down so well with a good charcuterie board. We recommend the Maurice and Pierreux cuvées from Marc Delienne.

Mature wines to savour

Our selection of fixed-price bottles extends to fabulous cuvées that are already matured and ready to drink, so no need to age them in the cellar yourself! The impatient among you who want a finely aged wine alongside a home-cooked meal are in the right place. From Alsace, Marcel Deiss’ 2012 grand cru Altenberg de Bergheim will pair nicely with a poultry dish involving lemon and honey. From Burgundy, the 2013 Puligny-Montrachet premier cru Les Combettes by Etienne Sauzet calls for a pairing with scallops. The Jura is home to the superb Côtes-du-Jura La Bardette cuvée from Labet, a wine that will bring the best out of a dish like salmon with toasted almonds. If you’re more into red wine, the 2014 Faugères La Maison Jaune made by Jean-Michel Alquier will go well with a ragout, and the Corbières-Boutenac Romain Pauc by La Voulte-Gasparets with a pumpkin gratin. For a rich ensemble, Clos Saint-Jean’s 2012 Châteauneuf-du-Pape Deus Ex Machina will be marvellous with boar stew and chestnuts.

Beautiful names to restock your cellar with

If you’re looking for a bottle with the view to ageing it yourself, we have some lovely wines for the future. Burgundy is always a safe bet in this regard: 2018 Meursault premier cru Poruzots by François Mikulski will delight Chardonnay lovers. Otherwise, try the 38-month Savagnin ouillé from new regional star Guillaume Overnoy, or the 2018 vin de France Argile cuvée from our new partner domain Château Lafitte (South-West). For a red cuvée, we’re staying with the same, prestigious region and its fine Pinot Noir. Armand Rousseau’s 2018 Chambertin and Méo-Camuzet’s Clos-de-Vougeot of the same vintage might be just the thing. In terms of iconic status, Bordeaux remains unbeatable when it comes to wines made for cellaring. We have some double-magnums of 2018 Château d’Ampélia and some elegant 2018 Saint-Emilion cuvées from Grand Corbin Despagne. From Corsica, curious wine lovers will savour the rare, native grapes cultivated to craft the wines of Comte Abbatucci and Clos Canarelli.

Non-French wonders

We welcome arrivals to our cellar from vineyards across the planet, and this time is no exception. We have South African wines from Glenelly, including the 2013 Lady May, Germany’s Dönnhoff domain is represented by a 2018 Riesling Niederhauser Klamm Kabinett, and Chinese wine makes an appearance with the 2015 Ao Yun. As well as these gems, you’ll find Italy’s famous Elisabetta Foradori, and Sicilian wine by Ariana Occhipinti.

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