Autumn Wine Sale | This year’s deals

Our Autumn Wine Sale is open! As per usual, you’ll find some of the most prestigious names in the industry, including organic, biodynamic, and natural wines, cuvées from outside France, and pleasing prices that start at €8. This year, there aren’t any slashed prices, but the benefits of buying from this selection are: prices reduced by quantity, gift cards, and further reductions from the loyalty scheme.

The benefits

As you know, iDealwine has spent the last twenty years building close relationships with a network of over 700 partner domains, and these are ongoing collaborations. What you may not know is how France’s Autumn Wine Sale (a national event in the industry) can have a negative impact on these producers, who see the image of their domain marred by displays of slashed prices. In order to keep these properties in the best light, we’ve chosen not to drop the prices on individual bottles. But don’t worry, there are still advantages to buying from our version of the Autumn Wine Sale!

  • Deals on cases of 3 or 6

If you buy a certain quantity of a cuvée, you’ll get a 10% discount. Three bottles worth over €30 each will qualify for the discount, as will six bottles worth under €30 each. This 10% deal also applies to bottles over €100 when two are purchased.

  • Gift cards

You’ll get a gift card in your package if you spend over a certain amount in our Autumn Wine Sale selection. Valid for a year, there are no spending conditions on these cards, and they can be used across the site. You’ll get a €20 card if you order over €250 of wine, €35 for an order over €400, €50 for €600 spent, and €100 for an order worth €1,000.

  • Benefits in conjunction with the Loyalty Scheme

The reductions and gift cards linked with our Autumn Wine Sale can be used in conjunction with the advantages of the iDealwine loyalty scheme. Depending on your loyalty scheme status, you get either 3% or 5% off your order, and this can be added onto any reductions already made.

Access the Autumn Wine Sale selection here!

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