Fine Spirits Auction: Uniting uniqueness and warming winter moments

Jeroboam of Armada 2000 by Neisson only on FSA

The end of 2023 is fast approaching, and FSA has rolled out the red carpet for the lots in the final auction of the year. A record 1100 rare lots are in attendance!

Three unique lots in this FSA auction are:

  • Neisson Armada 2000 Jeroboam x Carole Aurore

Do you already know the Armada range by Neisson? It is only produced using single casks that were filled between 1990 and 2000. And Armada 2000 will be released at the start of 2024 … except on the FSA website. FSA is giving you an exclusive sneak peak of the Armada 2000 rum and a chance to get your hands on a Jeroboam decorated by the Martinique artist Carole Aurore.

  • Chichibu x Ogata Case

Shinichiro Ogata, a famous Japanese artist and great whisky enthusiast, designed the box and the labels for these two bottles of single cask whiskies by the Chichibu distillery. Dawn (Akatsuki) and dusk (Tasogare) are represented by the black and white in their labels and this case is steeped in history with each of the bottles representing two styles of the distillery – one possessing aromas that bring freshness and purity to mind and the other is smoother and peatier.

  • Pre-phylloxera Mauxion

This small set encapsulates the brand’s heritage and comes with the official Cognac certificate of authenticity. It’s one of six small bottles of this Petite Champagne Cognac and here we have bottle number 4.

Whiskies from the independent bottler Cadenhead

Coming from a professional cellar, nearly 700 bottles from this famous Scottish bottler make an appearance at this FSA auction. A unique collection of whiskies from 1970 to 2000 takes centre stage. They were aged in former wine or sherry barrels and come from rare and sought-after distilleries.

But that’s not all…

There’s Japanese icons such as Karuizawa, Hibiki, Hanyu, Kawasaki, Nikka, and Yamazaki as well as incredible rums from Velier with bottles of Caroni being a particular highlight. Not forgetting the superb Chartreuse specimens that are also present.

Happy bidding on the Fine Spirits Auction website