Jura and Savoie – the hidden gems of French wine

Snowy vineyard

Jura and Savoie are two regions on the eastern side of France with continental climates. They produce fresh, pure wines thanks to their high-quality local varieties, and true winemaking geniuses emerge from these two treasure troves year after year. As we currently have a selection of wines from the regions online, we thought we’d take you on a tour of our collection which is overflowing with gems.


Our first stop is at Domaine Rolet which produces flavourful wines that are real gems, especially when you take in the unbeatable price. In the whites, their chardonnay offers a taut, elegant profile that is an absolute bargains at this price (€14). Lovers of Savagnin should not miss the ouillé (topped-up) version crafted by the domain which possesses citrus fruit aromas and its minerality flows into the balanced finish. It will pair beautifully with sea food or raw fish. The reds are just as good. The Poulsard contains notes of fresh, crisp fruits that move into aromas of humus and sweet spices, while the delicate Trousseau seduces anyone who drinks it with its raspberry and red currant notes.

Another quality domain from the slopes of Jura is Domaine Berthet-Bondet. La Poirière 2019 is a Chardonnay made in the Jura ouillé (topped-up) style. Its brilliant fruit flavours are led by yellow fruits and are supported by citrus notes. The cuvée Tradition is the perfect mix of elegance, which comes from the Chardonnay, and the tension and liveliness of Savagnin. Aged in oak barrels for two years under a layer of yeast without being topped up, this Jura classic made for cellaring will best go with mature comté cheese or snails.

A reference when it comes to Jura wines, Domaine de la Pinte offers a wonderful range of wines that can be enjoyed while they are still young or after many years in the cellar. We cannot recommend  the Chardonnay Fontenille enough. It starts its life in the village of Pupillin before becoming a wine with aromas of well-ripened fruits, a complex profile and sharp minerality. La Capitaine is a blend of 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Poulsard. Mixing the finesse and elegance of the Pinot Noir with the flavours and depth of Poulsard, this magnum can be opened now or left in the cellar for up to ten years.

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We are going to start our journey around Savoie with some beautiful bubbles that pay homage to the recently departed wine-making magician, Dominique Belluard. His cuvée Ayse Les perles du Mont Blanc contains only Gringet (an extremely rare variety) and is an ode to finesse and freshness. Aromas of almond blossom and citrus fruits rise from the glass, pleasing all those who open a bottle.

Vesta by Domaine de l’Aitonnement is made from vines known as Bergeron in Savoie, which is, in fact, Roussanne, the symbolic variety from the northern Rhône Valley. A brilliant wine from Savoie with a round, fleshy profile that contains balanced richness and tautness. When it comes to the reds, you cannot miss Dark Side, a delicious Mondeuse Noire which delivers pronounced aromas of plums, blackberries, pears and liquorice.

We are finishing this tour of Savoie with THE revelation of the year, Domaine Chevillard. The Rousette de Savoie is expertly made by Matthieu Goury, a talented winemaker who delivers a cuvée with delicious notes of yellow fruits, honey and flowers. It’s definitely one of our must-haves!

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