Interview with a seller

A client who has sold their bottles with iDealwine several times spoke to us about their experience.

When did you decide to sell on your wines and why?

I’m really passionate about wine, and have been lucky enough to source bottles directly from their producers for quite a few years now. As time has gone on, the price of attaining such cuvées as these has gone up, and this at a faster rate than my salary, unfortunately…So that I can continue to buy and drink the kinds of wine that I like, I decided to part with some of my collection. These are really good names from an eclectic range of regions including Burgundy, Bordeaux, and the Rhône Valley, as well as the Languedoc and Alsace. Apart from the Loire and Corsica, my bottles come from every area of France, I think! I’ve thus turned to iDealwine several times to sell my bottles.

Would you recommend selling with iDealwine?

Having already sold wine with other auction houses, I think I’m well-placed to say that iDealwine has superior sales. First of all, it’s a very easy process: everything is quick and very simple. I got an email, I received the material to package my wine so that it could be transported safely. I was also pleasantly surprised by the auction result for my bottles; the estimate I received was already at a good level, then not only were all 200 bottles successfully auctioned, but this at an average of 20% over the estimate! Being already so convinced myself, I now happily talk to friends about iDealwine as a top site for selling wine from their cellar.

So the top advantages were?

  • The simple process and organisation, all the way from estimate to the settlement of my payment.
  • The very satisfying auction results, especially due to the unique exposure offered by iDealwine.

Have you also purchased wine from the site?

As I said, I’m fortunate enough to have direct links with domains, so it’s quite rare for me to consult online catalogues. Having said this, I have been tempted to browse every now and again, and I’ve spotted some real gems; there are plenty of Bordeaux bottles that I love, such as cuvées from Troplong Mondot and Lynch Bages, as well as Loire wines such as Guiberteau and Thibaud Boudignon.


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