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Here at iDealwine, we like to know what makes wine lovers and collectors tick, which is why we interviewed a Hong Kong-based wine enthusiast and iDealwine client. This connoisseur and seasoned taster told us about his collection, his tastes and what led him to starting his own cellar.

Cornas 1999












When did you first become interested in wine?

It really started in 2013, after tasting a 1994 Gaja Sperrs from Angelo Gaja. It was the first bottle for which I was willing to spend over 100 euros. It made me much more curious about wine, and it’s since then that I started drinking “seriously”!

When did you decide to start your own cellar?

After a few years of tasting wines and learning more, in 2015 I bought an electric cellar which could fit 40 to 50 bottles. This soon filled up, so I bought another cabinet for 180 bottles, then 270 bottles! I now also store my magnums in a professional storage space in Hong Kong.

Do you have a favourite wine region?

My favourite regions by far are the northern Rhone and Burgundy! I especially love domain Jamet’s Côte-Rôtie, Cornas from Thierry Allemand and Noël Verset. In Burgundy, I’m a big fan of wines from Georges Roumier. I also often travel in France to visit domains. I recently visited Jean-Louis Chave’s domain, which was simply incredible. I’ve been collecting (and drinking) his wines for a long time, so to see him in person and where and how such wonderful wines are produced was a highlight for me.

What proportion from each region is your cellar made up of?

As you can imagine, there is lots of Rhone and Burgundy! I’d say I have around 40% Burgundy, 35% Rhone, and the rest is a combination of other regions, for instance the Loire – particularly Clos Rougeard. I only have a few bottles of Bordeaux, as these wines take longer to age, and I have some Italian wines.

One bottle that you’re particularly proud of?

That’s a difficult question! Two years ago, I bought a 2010 gevrey-chambertin from domaine Armand Rousseau, one might say that that is the ‘jewel’ of my collection… I also have several old vintages from George Roumier – for instance a 2010 chambolle-musigny 1er cru Les Amoureuses – and a 1999 Cornas from Noël Verset.

On what sort of occasion do you open a good bottle of wine?

I regularly organize tastings with friends, which are often focused on a specific region. We taste several wines from the region and talk about the producer, appellation and the wine itself. As wine is one of my biggest passions, I love sharing my knowledge and tastes and hearing other people’s opinions.

Why did you choose to buy from iDealwine?

I found out about iDealwine about two years ago and was impressed by the selection of rare wines on your site. I also buy lots of mature wines at fixed-price, it’s a great way to buy wines which are ready to drink, without having to wait!

Another element which is very important for me is the guarantee of the origin. Since the provenance of a wine is a big worry for collectors, I appreciate the work you do in verifying the origin. On fixed-price, you also sell lots of wines sourced directly from the domain, which adds another level of guarantee.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about starting a cellar?

Quite simply: do it! Collecting wine is something which gives me immeasurable pleasure and I can’t recommend it enough. From a practical point of view, in Hong Kong, professional storage spaces are very expensive, I’d therefore recommend starting by buying an electric cellar for 100 bottles – the perfect starting point.

The iDealwine team would like to thank this passionate wine collector for having given his time to tell us about his magnificent collection!


Pierre Gonon Saint Joseph magnum 2016 & Thierry Allemand Cornas Cuvée Sans Souffre 1999/2014

Above, Thierry Allemand Cornas Reynard magnum 1999

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