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We met with EuroCave, wine maturing expert and world leader in the wine cabinet market. Thanks to them, more than 30,000,000 bottles are stored throughout the world!

How would you best describe EuroCave today?

EuroCave is the only company of its kind in the world.  Unlike our competitors from the electrical appliance sector, we are first and foremost a company belonging to the wine community.  We only claim to have one activity, which is storing, preserving and serving wine. It is important to mention this fact because this authenticity is EuroCave’s strong point and the driving force behind its success.

EuroCave is the last chain in the wine sector, after the work of the grape grower, winemaking and bottling.  Our mission is clear: to look after wine, a semi-finished product which does not reach maturity until many years after its purchase, in order to guarantee, by respecting the wine producer’s intentions, optimal serving conditions.  This mission requires an in-depth knowledge of wine.

It is, incidentally, why our customers resemble us: like us, they are passionate about wine, whether experienced wine enthusiasts or professionals who want to offer wine that matches their ambitions.

Tell us a bit about your history

EuroCave is a French company which originated after the Second World War.  It is closely connected to the history of the city of Fourmies, one of the flagships of French industry from 1946 – 1970, specialising in the production of cold air, amongst other things.  In 1975, we launched, at our Fourmies factory, the first air-conditioned cabinet for storing wine – an innovation.

The EuroCave Company repositioned itself in the wine sector, one which France excels in.  Very quickly, we were exporting worldwide a product that embodies the French way of life by collaborating with a network of sommeliers working in top restaurants throughout the world.

You claim to be a company with French expertise.  Is this important to you?

Yes, it is a commitment that we made over 40 years ago and which we have upheld.  Our factory is in Fourmies, in northern France.  A commitment demonstrated by the “Origine France Garantie” label, which we are very proud of.  We also have our own Research and Development office and an in-house customer service department to allow us to be as responsive as possible to our discerning customers.

What importance do you place on your products’ design?

We design our products to be elegant and easy to use. The ergonomics of our products are studied with sommeliers. We seek to simplify handling and above all, protect the bottles.  We work closely with design firms who can convey, through the lines, shapes and materials, our identity and the quality of our appliances.

The materials and colours are chosen to create an elegant atmosphere, which enhances the wine.

We are inventors, designers and ergonomists all at the same time!

Do you see the market developing?

Over the past few years, interiors have changed, rooms are no longer partitioned off, the kitchen has opened up and become a place in which we entertain.  And naturally, the wine cabinet has found its place in this new approach.  The wine cabinet has moved from hidden rooms to living areas and there is a real expectation on the part of consumers to be able to display bottles, whether in more compact wine cabinets, close at hand, or in very large air-conditioned areas, often glazed, opening onto living areas.

We still talk about the 5 criteria essential for storing wine.  What does this mean for you?

At EuroCave, we even talk about 6 essential criteria since we add bottle storage to the 5 criteria of air quality, protection from vibration, a uniform temperature, suitable humidity levels and protection from U.V. rays.

Wine cannot mature in optimal conditions if the bottles are not stable inside the cabinet.

Completely mastering these criteria is an essential requirement for EuroCave.  We have dedicated the last 40 years entirely to researching and developing durable solutions allowing optimal wine maturing.  Scientifically, this has translated into many patents being filed and partnerships with top research laboratories.  Our Royale wine cabinet represents the very best we can offer customers in terms of wine maturing.

What is the budget for a EuroCave wine cabinet?

EuroCave offers a very wide choice of interior equipment and external finishes which opens up the scope of possibilities in terms of budget!  And finally, there is not really a budget for a wine cabinet, it all depends on how passionate you are about wine.  If you run every day, you buy a high-quality pair of trainers.  It’s the same thing with wine cabinets…

EuroCave is also modular solutions such as cases, racks and shelving for fitting out your natural cellar or a dedicated room.

What advice would you give our experienced wine enthusiasts?

Forget preconceived notions.  All products derived from fermentation of grapes are stored at 12 °C, whether they are red, white or rosé wine, port, champagne or cognac. More and more customers ask us for multi-temperature wine serving cabinets, but these are not designed to ensure a uniform temperature throughout the cabinet. We therefore recommend that first and foremost you invest in a single-temperature wine maturing cabinet, whatever your wine storage requirements, in order to obtain the best conditions for storing your wine.


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