Wine auction market: iDealwine reaffirms its #1 ranking

iDealwine-1er-ventes-enchere-vins-2Catherine Chadelat, president of the Conseil des ventes volontaires (French Council of Auctioneers) released the annual activity report for 2015 to the press end of June. The wine auction market increased slightly and iDealwine was once again designated as the leading French player by a considerable margin.


A niche market which has grown slightly in 2015

Wine remains a niche market in the public auction arena in France with only 2.5% shares in the total “Art and Collectables” sector. Grands crus from Bordeaux and Burgundy account for the majority of the sales with respectively 47% and 25% of the bids. The finest lots are exported whereas the ones in the price range €300-400 tend to be purchased by buyers living in France.

In total, over 102,000 lots went under the hammer in France for €34 million in 2015. After a period of relative stability between 2011 and 2013, followed by a marked drop in 2014 (€33 million in auction sales), the total volume of sales rose by 3% in 2015, although it was still below 2010 levels.


iDealwine is the leading French wine auction house with 23% of national sales and over 50% of online auction in the “Art and Collectables” sector

The wine auction market in France is based around six operators who account for €17.8 million of sales, i.e. over 50% of total sales. In this top 6, iDealwine – via its subsidiary International Wine Auction – holds the number one spot, with 42% of this total figure. Across the board, iDealwine had a 23% share of total wine sales in 2015 (compared to 20% in 2014)! The report of the Council of Auctioneers emphasizes that “International Wine Auction, the first operator to sell exclusively online has increased its lead.”

If we look at auctions which are held exclusively online in the “Art and Collectables” sector (in which wine is classified) then iDealwine corners over half of the market, which incidentally makes wine the best-selling online category in 2015!

In 2015, iDealwine recorded auction sales of €7.4 million excluding buyer’s premium (€8.9 M€ in total), which is up 15% on the previous year. Supported by a strategy of international development, nearly 30% of the bidders on the French platform came from outside of France.

Cyrille Jomand, president of iDealwine declared: «These positive results confirm the leading position of iDealwine in the wine auction market and the success of its 100% online and integrated business model, from expertise to logistic. After contributing to open the traditional wine auction market to modern technologies, our ambition is now to become the reference for wine lovers across the world”.


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