How to gift wine to…The Ladies Who Brunch

Visual by @tutored_tastings (Instagram)

These are the ones who appreciate the finer things in life, and always in the spirit of generosity! What could be more fitting than a bottle of Champagne to share?

A bit of a rising star and a champion for female producers, Virginie Bergonnereau honours her female ancestors in her work, naming her cuvées after them and taking inspiration from their stories. Just the kind of story that gets conversaton flowing!

Champagne isn’t just to serve on its own, as any seasoned brunch-lover knows! An excellent bubbly to serve with food is Drappier, though it should be a light dish to complement the characterful nuances in the wine. They’ll be in good company, too, as Drappier champagnes are sent to some of the finest tables in the world!

And for the eco-conscious among you, Jacquesson is committed to responsible production, meaning you can gift your bubbly with total peace of mind and still be sure of its excellent quality.

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