Happy New Year from iDealwine

Dear enthusiasts,

The whole team at iDealwine is pleased to send you our best and warmest wishes for the year 2021. Thank you for discovering, following, and joining us throughout the last year. For us, it was a year of obstacles and challenges, but it was also gripping. There was no respite! Like yourselves, we had to confront the impact of the global crisis that turned lives upside down, determined not to let it overwhelm us. We came up with solutions, we tried out new ideas, we launched new projects, and all of this with you, our enthusiastic and loyal clients, by our side.

In 2020, we held:

  • 41 auctions
  • 55 regional and thematic spotlights
  • 56 allocations of the week, putting forward the work of our partner domains

We are pleased to have fought against the general mood in our own way:

  • Over 500 articles with recipes, advice, and specialist knowledge were published on our blog to entertain, make you think, and help you with ideas to make lockdown more bearable.
  • Almost 250 videos are available on our YouTube channel, with market news, tasting tips, and domain presentations.

We are proud to have made a contribution to help healthcare staff:

  • Thanks to you and to generous producers who donated, almost €135,000 were raised during our charity auction in the spring, which was organised to help the #ProtegeTonSoignant collective.

And there were so many of you with us along the way!

  • Almost 7,000 wine lovers on Instagram, over 20,000 fans on Facebook, and over 1,000 on Twitter!
  • In December, over 600,000 enthusiasts visited our site!
  • Every day, more and more of you come to see what we have on offer, both in terms of buying and selling, meaning that we are now the world’s top wine auction site!


We didn’t get to see you in person anywhere near as much as we’d like, since traditional salons, tastings, and masterclasses had to be postponed. And yet, you still kept in touch:

  • We had 15 Instagram Lives with producers from all over, tasting the 2019 primeurs, discovering French whisky, and even exploring the viticulture of South Africa.
  • We held 4 virtual wine tastings, involving presentations from the producers themselves and sample wines sent home to participants! We’ll be launching our first online tastings in English very soon, so watch this space!

Thanks again for being with us! The team has started the year on top form, excited to see what 2021 might bring, and ready to share it all with you. A very happy new year to all and see you soon at iDealwine!