Fixed price selection | The world’s finest vineyards

This summer, the holidays won’t be for travelling. The next best thing we can do is offer a tour of the world’s finest vineyards through our selection of fine, fixed price cuvées.

The south of France is often a destination of choice for many with its sublime landscapes and sunny vineyards. In the Languedoc Roussillon, for example, Banuyls and Collioure are wine-growing areas where the sun, cicadas and Mediterranean sea view make for a dreamy combination. From this lovely spot, we have some cuvées from Domaine de la Rectorie, about which the RVF wrote “we applaud the exceptional coherence of this range, in all three colours as well as natural sweet wines”. Domain Coume del Mas is found at around 400m altitude on very sloped terroirs. From the Corbières area, we recommend the wines from biodynamic domain Clos perdus, having recently re-tasted and loved them, as well as the cuvées from Maxime Magnon; elegant, precise and easy-drinking.

When it comes to Provence, another popular destination for a get-away, we have a bit of a weakness for Bandol wines. You’d be able to pick out a cuvée from Château Pradeaux with your eyes closed, a true institution of the appellation or nine generations now…In the same vein, Pibarnon, la Bégude and La Tour du Bon are also very safe bets. La Bastide Blanche is another lovely discovery to make, a domain that isn’t as well-known as the others, but is well-liked by seasoned wine enthusiasts. Perhaps you’ll go for one of the region’s many fresh and light rosés, especially enjoyable in the high heat.

Next stop, Corsica! Start with the fine, aging wines of Patrimonio where the Arena family comes out on top: Antoine Arena, Jean-Baptiste, and Antoine Marie each produce their own, accomplished cuvées. On the south of the island is Clos Canarelli, whose Amphora cuvée we particularly recommend. The fine wines of Domaine Comte Abbatucci are also in the mix, representing the bets of what is produced on the Ile de Beauté. The white Général cuvée is exceptional, a wine you should try at least once in your life.

A little further afield is the fantastic production of Italy’s wine makers. Domains such as Angelo Gaja (Langhe), Dal Forno Romano, or one of the most famous Super Tuscans, Sassicaia, are some of the best we showcase on our site. You can also discover the diversity of wines from the Peninsula at more pleasing prices with excellent bottles from Elio Altare, Elisabetta Foradori, Arianna Occhipinti and COS.

Spain, of course, is another land of fine wines, and at the moment it is notably dynamic in terms of the new talent being cultivated there. Alongside superstars like Vega Sicilia, Bodega Contador and Pingus, there are some up-and-coming producers to be tried; Terroir Al Limit, Comando G and Daniel El Travieso are among them!

Don’t forget about Portuguese wines, either! And we’re not just taking about the famous Vinho Verde. Domain Niepoort will be sure to convince you of the alternatives this beautiful country can offer in terms of wine.

The freshness, finesse and low alcohol level of fine, German Rieslings makes them an especially good choice this summer. A cuvée from Markus Molitor, Joh Jos Prum or Fritz Haag is a good way to go.

The United States is recognised globally for the quality of wine produced in the Napa Valley, Sonoma and Oregon. Domains such as Hiyu Farm and Nicolas Jay demonstrate all the potential of these terroirs at the other side of the world.

From South Africa, you already know the fondness we have for Glenelly, as well as the dessert wine Klein Constantia.

From Australia, you might want to try the national star that is Penfolds.

Finally, in Latin America, don’t miss out on fine, Argentinian wine from the likes of Cheval des Andes and Luna Astral, offering a different interpretation of the Malbec grape.

Enjoy your new discoveries!

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