Fine Burgundy reds: An ode to Pinot Noir

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For centuries, Burgundy has fascinated everyone. It expresses itself through its wines and the climats in Côte d’Or, Chablis, Mâconnais and Côte Chalonnaise show exactly what it has to offer. The region’s majestic Pinot Noirs reveal a finesse that wine enthusiasts worldwide look for. Discover our selection dedicated to this marvellous variety.

Côte d’Or Grands Crus

Made up of the Côtes de Nuits and Côtes de Beaune, the Côte d’Or distinguishes itself with its grand crus that produce the world’s greatest wines. This selection is a true ode to Pinot Noir:

The 2020 vintage in Burgundy

An exceptional vintage, 2020 will stay with Burgundians for a long time. Awarded 18/20 by iDealwine for its red wines (and the whites were given the same grade), this vintage is flavourful and sunny. It actually has a dual identity as it’s “easy to drink and has great ageing potential”, according to our resident Burgundian, Amicie! Here are just a handful of gems from this historic vintage:

Mâconnais and Côte Chalonnaise: Our pleasing prices

Mâconnais and Côte Chalonnaise create beautiful Pinot Noirs at pleasing prices which you should try as soon as you can. Here are a few fantastic domains:

  • Domaine des Moirots: Lovers of Givry, this one is for you! The family vineyard is located in Bissey-sous-Cruchaud in the north of the Mâcon appellation. It covers 14 hectares which are cared for using sustainable agriculture practices.
  • Clos des Vignes du Maynes: An historic go-to Mâconnais domain, this pioneer of natural viticulture and vinification is one of the trendiest Burgundy names right now.
  • Château de Chamirey: Discover this ancient Mercurey domain which poses a great investment opportunity with six Premier Crus and several parcels that reflect the region’s diversity.

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