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In Vouvray, a family-owned domain has been garnering attention since the 1980s, when Philippe Foreau took over the running of it. Join us as we take a closer look at Clos Naudin where work and passion combine to create fine, chiseled and light wines.

Moved by the thought that he could continue the work began by his parents and grandparents, Philippe Foreau was the only sibling to take up the family business and continue making wines. With his viticulture studies completed, Philippe knew the work that awaited him on the family domain which produces the wines he holds so dear. But nothing would deter this young winemaker in 1980, when he took over the domain, who had a natural talent for creating wines the pair with food beautifully.

When creating Clos Naudin in the early 20th century, his grandfather had bought excellent parcels with soils of clay and flint (the terroir is nicknamed the “perruches”). The flint is an invaluable element to the soil, as it lends great tension as well as notes of smoke, saffron and spices to the wine. Clay has excellent water-retention qualities, thus avoiding any water stress problems for the vines. Grass grows between the vines, creating competition for the vine roots by forcing them to dig deep into the soil for their minerals, thus conferring stunning complexity to the Chenin.

Despite this environmentally friendly approach, Philippe Foreau wasn’t looking for organic certification as he thought the climate and the terroir could be too capricious. But his mind has been changed and the domain started the process to become certified in 2021. The 2024 vintage will be the first to be labelled organic.

Seven people work together at Clos Naudin nowadays with the aim is to produce characterful, digestible, harmonious wines. It’s a good number for a 12-hectare domain which currently has 2 hectares lying fallow to revitalise the soil. The yields are limited to 35 hl/ha, malolactic fermentations are avoided in order to retain the wines’ tension, sapidity and aging potential. Some sceptical wine enthusiasts tested the aging potential and found that even after 15 years, the wine hadn’t lost its freshness. Philippe Foreau would always remind us that if you notice fatigue in his wines (the dry wines are good starting in their 7th year and the noble rot wines can be enjoyed until they reach their 40s), it’s because it was a rainy year which reduces its ability to age for many years.

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Vouvray Sec 2016

Vouvray Sec is a fresh wine that combines well with iodised flavours. It is aged in barrels (with 5% new wood). It has a pale hue and a fresh nose, with lemony and mineral aromas. Freshness and purity abound on the palate.

Vouvray Demi-Sec 2016

This demi-sec from the terroir of Perruches offers tasting aromas of citrus (grapefruit and blood orange). The wine stands out for its freshness and its remarkable length on the palate.

Vouvray moelleux (white)

This sweet white wine releases pineapple aromas and peppery notes, while its intense palate delivers superb bitters and long-lasting flavours. It also has excellent ageing potential.

What the guides say about Clos Naudin

The Revue du Vin de France’s Guide Vert 2023 – 3*/3

“When tasting Philippe Foreau’s wines, everything becomes crystal clear, discernible, in the Chenin; complex and delicious, wonderfully ripe yet taut, drinking beautifully young but has all to gain from waiting a decade. Pure and long on the palate, with proverbial persistence, Clos Naudin’s Vouvrays have the consistency of a metronome.”

bettane+desseauve 2023 (4*/5)

“On the 12 organic hectares of Clos Naudin, Vincent Foreu has taken over from his father, Philippe, a legendary Loire figure. The dry wines have become less austere in their youth and the vibrant finish full of citrus fruit zest can be apreciated. Over time, they become steadily more rafined. The sweet wines are fantastic with their texture always being supported by an even tautness ”

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