Champagne revenue reduces in 2023

Bottle of champagne in bucket with ice and glasses in background to illustrate the 2023 sales figures for Champagen

This article could appeal to those of you who savoured the finest Champagne wines during the festive season, to bring 2023 to a close and celebrate the New Year. The CIVC (Comité Interprofessionnel du Vin de Champagne) has just unveiled the industry’s key figures for 2023. Let’s take a closer look.

Back to normal

The 2023 outlook reveals contrasting figures for Champagne, with a slight fall in export volume: 8.2%, accounting for 298.7 million bottles shipped, compared with 325.5 million in 2022. Revenues, which hit a record high in 2022, stabilised at €6.3 billion in 2023. Some 57% of the total volume was exported, with the remaining 43% destined for the French market.

These figures illustrate the extent to which Champagne wine sales reflect the different geopolitical and economic situations. While the 2023 results are mitigated, they merely reflect a return to normality following three very successful years (a growth of 33% in two years) in the wake of the Covid pandemic, mirroring the enthusiasm of wine lovers for festivities worldwide. Two factors account for the drop witnessed in 2023:

  • The first is inflation.
  • The second is the threat of a Champagne shortage, which had prompted importers to purchase on a massive scale in 2022. Today, their stocks are still not completely sold out…

It is also worth noting that the most prestigious cuvées produced by the Champagne houses are more sought-after than the others, evidence that consumers unscathed by inflation are continuing to buy…

An appetite for Champagnes bursting with character

The iDealwine team picked up on your keen interest in Champagnes offering a strong character: discerning and skilled winemakers respecting the environment and the grapes (with natural winemaking techniques) are gradually emerging. Success otherwise points straight to the generosity and ageing potential of the larger formats, the illustrious cuvées produced by the Champagne houses and the vintage wines, which reflect exceptional climatic conditions seen in those years.

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