Auction top picks | Fine wines from 1937 to today

You can travel in time with what’s on offer at this auction, from a 1930s Souza Guedes port all the way to vintages born in years more familiar to us. There’s plenty in between, too, so we’ve picked a selection to get you started.

1937 Souza Guedes Port: The oldest bottle up for auction this time round, and it’s a port, one of the classiest beverages the world has to offer. Originally from the Douro Valley, this is a drink that appeals to lovers of sipping wines and collectors of mature cuvées alike.

1961 Doisy Daëne: 1961 is one of the finest vintages since the Second World War and is incredibly rare; the harvests of this year were tiny in size but extraordinary in terms of quality. As for this wine, elegance and purity are the words that best describe it, a lively drink that’s ample and fruity on the palate.

1982 Lynch-Bages (magnum): Conditions were perfect in 1982, and Lynch-Bages is already one of Pauillac’s most renowned names. An ideal combination, then, powerful, structured, and highly charming. Plus, this wine has since developed amazingly complex aromas.

1990 Grande Année – Bollinger: A big year for all of France’s wine regions, Champagne had a hot and dry time with early harvests. This wine is the Bollinger style summed up in a bottle, a blend of grands crus that brings together power and finesse. It’s a majestic Champagne with intense aromas, proof of the work that goes into the making of such a legend.

2000 Mouton-Rothschild (jeroboam): Simply iconic. For the cru, the format, and the vintage. In 2000, Bordeaux’s best came from Pauillac and Saint-Julien, a verdict that has held true over the two decades since. Rich, opulent, and harmonious, this wine expresses the quintessential character of its appellation.

2005 Criots-Bâtard-Montrachet – Domaine d’Auvenay: Another example of Lalou Bize-Leroy’s excellence in action. This is an unctuous cuvée underlined by notes of lemon, almond, honey, and spices, all contained in an elegant ensemble.

2010 Meursault La Sève – Clos d’Arnaud Ente: A rare bottle that deserves an urgent spot in your cellar. A vintage that’s available in very few bottles, this wine is a rare Burgundy treasure. Precise and streamlined, this Chardonnay expresses the Meursault terroir beautifully. There’s a warmth to its fruit that adds a certain je ne sais quoi.

2015 Grange des Pères: A splendid vintage that came out especially well in the Languedoc. This is a legendary name that hardly needs an introduction. Expressive and balanced, it’s a bottle for a true collector.

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