Auction | A shower of rising stars

At iDealwine, we have an unbeatable range of fine wines at auction: from the châteaux of Bordeaux to the most prestigious Burgundian domains as well as some gems from the Loire to keep you happy. Here are some hints so you can find your way through this plethora of fine bottles.

Historic vintages and large formats

We’re starting off strong with several lots of 1933 Château d’Issan that will undoubtedly delight anyone who’s into collecting mature vintages. These same people will likely be interested in a Sauternes premier cru classé from Château de Rayne Vigneau is available in the 1929 vintage! The lucky bidder will have the privilege of tasting a historical bottle they won’t forget. And let’s not forget our friends in Burgundy at Domaine Pierre André who have a 1942 vintage that’ll transport you in time.

A bottle of the famous Cristal from Roederer is available in the 1962 vintage. A wonderful chance for fans of the Champagne house to see how this iconic cuvée can evolve over time. Other classics up for grabs include several lots from Château Cheval Blanc and a 1966 Musigny from Domaine Comte Georges de Vogüé.

And it wouldn’t be an iDealwine auction without the inclusion of some large formats. This time round, it’s Champagne that makes the biggest appearance with a sumptuous double magnum of 1978 from Maison Henriot, alongside two magnums. How about a cuvée from Maison Billecart-Salmon or a 1997 R.D. cuvée from Bollinger? Still in the same format but moving to Burgundy, we have a rare magnum of Romanée grand cru from Domaine du Comte Liger-Belair. Finally, keep an eye out for the 2007 double magnum of Combe des Fous from Clos Saint-Jean. This Châteauneuf-du-Pape counts a certain Robert Parker among its admirers…he gave this one a full score of 100/100.

Gems from the four corners of France

Whilst we share your passion for the biggest names, we’ve noticed that there are an increasing number of you finding cuvées you love from smaller domains, those that aren’t established as classics yet. Alexandre Bain is one of these with a 2015 Pierres Précieuses cuvée, alongside a 2000 vintage from Jardin des Esméraldins. Staying in the Loire, the 2011 terres Blanches cuvée by Stéphane Bernaudeau is another bottle we recommend!

From the Jura, Domaine Pierre Overnoy is well-represented as well as Trimbach from Alsace, with several bottles of the famous Clos Sainte-Hune cuvée (two of which are in the 1988 vintage). A must-have, especially for fans of Riesling! Let’s round things up in Cahors with Clos Triguedina and a bottle from 1978 that will delight lovers of Malbec.

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