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Domaine André et Mireille Tissot, founded in 1962 and today managed by the great winemaker Stéphane Tissot, has progressively established itself as an incontestable reference of the Jura, producing sublime wines which receive unanimous approval from wine lovers and critics alike. And we’re well placed at iDealwine to judge how much these wines are coveted by wine enthusiasts, so much are their praises sung at salons and tasting sessions. This domain is also one of our favourites.

Stéphane Tissot and his wife Bénédicte took up the family estate in 1990. From this point, they progressively moved the domain in the direction of organic agriculture: reducing the use of fertilisers and weed killer, totally abandoning those produced chemically, and putting more into their working of the soil. These choices were solidified by the transition to totally organic agriculture that they put into practice in 1999, followed by a further step to biodynamic winemaking in 2004, for which they obtained Demeter certification. These improvements in the work undertaken on the 46-hectare vineyard have greatly contributed to the increased quality of the grapes grown there, most notably in terms of the difference in acidity and density. With the use of such high-quality grapes, very little intervention is required during vinification. Fermentation occurs with yeasts indigenous to the domain’s terroir and only minimal sulphur is added. All of this comes together to create a wine of great purity and precision, its aromas beautifully expressing the varied characters of its terroirs. Indeed, it is out of respect for this range of terroirs that the domain multiplies its cuvées (there are more than forty), varying its choice of grape as well as its vinification methods (Savagnin used to make ouillé, oxidative, and yellow wines). A domain that all wine enthusiasts should be acquainted with!

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Domaine André et Mireille Tissot – what do the guides say?

La Revue du vin de France (3 stars)

“Stéphane has made quite the journey since 1990! The domain has steadily climbed the ladder, from its conversion to organic production in 1999 to its current status as a fully biodynamic producer. We commend the efforts made, their vast range has never been so complete and cohesive. Whatever the kind of wine, everything is done with verve, finesse, and wholeness of fruity flavour. These must be the most beautiful Macvins in the region, where the rustic quality usually brought by the pomace is here wonderfully rounded. The rigour of the work accomplished and the healthy emulation of the domain place it at the top of the Jura’s production. And the produce continues to be perfected – where will Stéphane Tissot stop?”

Bettane & Desseauve 2020 (4 stars)

“As bubbly as his crémants, as energetic as his whites, as genial as his reds and as generous as his yellow wines, Stéphane Tissot is the powerhouse of wine production in the Jura. Taking up the family estate in 1993 with his wife Bénédicte, he has figured out how to reveal the richness of the Jura terroirs through his fine, single-varietal wines. The variety in his range is matched only by the quality and purity of his wines, as well as the sterling, experimental work he carries out. Highly dense, supported plantations, massal selection, élevages in amphora pots, long maceration, and sulphur-free wines are some of the strings Stéphane Tissot has added to his bow. Over 50 hectares of vineyards cultivated biodynamically make up one of the most exciting domains in the region.”

Arbois Trousseau Singulier 2014

Trousseau is a local grape variety which gives fruity and fresh wines. This cuvée is made from the most beautiful vines of its variety in this domain. Delicious!

Arbois La Mailloche 2013

La Mailloche is one of the finest white wines from this domain, even from the whole of the Jura. Made from very old vines (some are almost 70 years old) planted in a particularly clay-rich and compact soil, this white has a strong personality, sure to delight wine lovers who appreciate characterful wines. Simply superb!

Arbois Chardonnay Saint-Roch – Stéphane Tissot 2013

This single-varietal cuvée stands out for its soundness, elegance and complexity. It is particularly delightful because of its toasted aromas, its pleasant tension and its minerality. This rare cuvée is superb for accompanying seafood dishes (lobster, grilled fish) or white meat.

Côtes du Jura En Barberon Stéphane Tissot 2014

The red ‘En Barberon’ cuvée offers a powerful and meaty Pinot Noir with an aromatic expression that represents well its terroir.

Arbois Savagnin En Amphore Stéphane Tissot 2014

To produce this cuvée, the Savagnin grapes were macerated for 6 months in amphora pots. Therefore, to taste this wine is to experience a rare and magical expression of the regional grape variety.

Arbois Chardonnay Les Bruyères Stéphane Tissot 2008

16/20 RVF | 17.5/20 Bettane&Desseauve

The cuvée Les Bruyères comes from one of the domain’s finest terroirs. It’s a wine of a mineral, pure and complex nature.

Château-Chalon Bénédicte et Stéphane Tissot 2008

18.5/20 RVF | 18/20 Bettane&Desseauve

This yellow wine is produced from a small plot of 1.25 hectares located in the heights of Château-Chalon. It’s a greatly complex and fine wine, carrying aromas of wheat and fresh bread. The oxidation is subtle, and it blends well with the pleasant freshness and fine minerality. This wine would be superb with chicken, mushroom-based dishes, truffles or even mature Comté.

Arbois Chardonnay Le Clos de la Tour de Curon Bénédicte et Stéphane Tissot 2013

Le Clos de la Tour de Curon is exceptional on several counts. Its chalky scree terroir was cleared and then planted with Chardonnay at 12,000 vines per hectare Stéphane Tissot in 2002, which makes it a unique case in French winemaking. The result is a wine of immense concentration with phenomenal length, at the level of a Burgundy grand cru. A superb white wine for ageing up to 15 years.

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