avril, 2020

Charity auction | Bordeaux steps up with generous contributions

70 Bordeaux properties responded to the charity wine auction organised for the #ProtègeTonSoignant collective. Here’s how this has all come together.

Fixed price sale | A tour of the world’s finest vineyards

Let yourself be transported by the wonderful cuvées in our latest fixed price sale.

Italian wines at auction | How do our transalpine neighbours perform?

We tend to focus on the performance of French wines at auction but we aren't blind to the vinous wonders of the rest of the world. Let’s take a look ...

Covid-19 | An exceptional auction for our carers – get bidding!

On Monday 27th April iDealwine is launching an auction for the ProtègeTonSoignant collective. A wonderful opportunity to make a gesture of solidarity.

Domaine Vincent Pinard | Deux frères from Sancerre

‘Wine is made in the vineyard, not in the cellar!’ The keys to Domaine Vincent Pinard are in good hands, with exceptional wines appreciated more and more every year.

Writing about wine iDealwine

How to write your own tasting notes!

Every wine tells a story, so why not start jotting down some thoughts next time you open a bottle?

3 wines to open for a special occasion

Got something to celebrate? Don't let lockdown put you off! Here is some inspiration in the form of three beautiful bottles.

3 bottles for (re)discovering the finest terroirs

All wines start off in the ground, and a characterful terroir can make all the difference

Gilles Berlioz’ Domaine Partagé | A vineyard grown like a garden

Gilles Berlioz endeavours to care for the vines on his 5-hectare domain like a precious garden. ‘A must-try domain’, according to the RVF!

Online aperitifs | A selection under €20

Don't let the confinement stop you from enjoying some drinks with friends...online, of course!

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