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Rising Appellations: wines to follow closely

  The vineyards of France are home to plenty of iconic appellations which bear names to conjure with, but are sadly becoming increasingly unaffordable. Fortunately, over the last few years, a number of appellations experiencing often spectacular growth have sprung up alongside these legends. And these names are destined to become essential knowledge for all "switched-on" wine lovers.   Over twenty years ago, back in the days when the prices of the great Bordeaux wines – just like their counterparts in Burgundy and the Rhône – were still some way off their current…

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Pomerol: vinification outside the appellation authorised

  On Friday 27 January, the Conseil d’État (the highest French administrative court) overturned the 2014 decree stating that wines bearing the Pomerol PDO must be vinified within the appellation, thus ruling in favour of seven plaintiffs who own vines in Pomerol but have cellars outside the appellation. To recap, in August 2014, a decree ratifying an amendment to the Pomerol PDO specification stated that cellars used to vinify wines with this appellation must be located within the geographical boundaries of the production area and not in neighbouring appellations, as was sometimes the…

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Rivesaltes, the perfect birthday gift!

Are you looking for gift ideas for a significant birthday this year? The start of a new decade perhaps? Have you thought about a vintage Rivesaltes? Why these fantastic sweet wines make excellent birthday presents. If someone you know is celebrating their 50th, 60th or 70th birthday this year, you can be sure that a Rivesaltes from their birth year will hit the spot. The big advantage is that no other vintage wine offers such value for money - you can buy a 70-year-old wine for under €100! This is especially good as although…

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Wine pairings for slow cooked dishes

The return of winter means a return to hearty and mouth- watering slow cooked dishes - often French classics. Here are some suggestions for wine pairings. Today, we take another look at those wholesome, slow-cooked recipes that are a delight to eat in cold weather - but with different recipes and different ingredients. Some of these are traditional, but we also stray further afield too.   Blanquette of veal (or poultry) A classic of classics in France. Every recipe has its own take, but the basics remain the same. First, simmer mixed cuts…

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