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Auction Report: December, DRC 1991 sold for 10,320€ (+28%)

The latest iDealwine online auction, which closed on 14 December, put Burgundy grands crus in the spotlight.  A bottle of Romanée-Conti topped the €10,000 mark in this sale. Burgundy grands crus are unlikely to see a let-up in prices any time soon. For some years, rarity, prestige and global demand have combined to produce an explosive cocktail, and on the rare occasion a Côte de Nuits grand cru comes up for sale, the price invariably goes sky-high, regularly setting new records. That’s what happened in the auction on 14 December, when an Austrian…

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Tasting: choosing the right wine glass

It’s something we have all had the misfortune to experience at one time or another: a fine wine served in an unsuitable glass that doesn’t remotely do it justice. The choice of wine glass has a significant effect on the taste experience. It can unlock flavours, heighten or reduce the sense of acidity or potency. We tell you everything you need to know about selecting the right glasses to get the best out of your wines. A spot of history... You have probably noticed that the glasses on your table or in restaurants…

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Auction Report: focus on Bordeaux first growths

The trend seems indisputable - prices for recent vintages of Bordeaux grands crus have remained stable for many months. At the end of November, the indice iDealwine iDealwine Bordeaux index rose by 4.24%. This is slightly lower than the general index for grand cru wines, the indice iDealwine 100 (up by 5.57 %). However, some results from the auctions suggest contrasting developments. What exactly is going on? Let's take a closer look. Bordeaux bashing has not really had much impact at iDealwine. Our auctions are overflowing with grand cru wines from this region…

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Auction Report: November, all top domains on the rise

Of the 3,000 lots offered at the auction closed 16 November, each region offered up some genuine treasures; rare wines originating from ultra-sophisticated domains, or produced by legendary winegrowers who are no longer with us. It was a real paradise for wine lovers, who took part in what amounted to a vineyard treasure hunt... and it was a hunt which led to some pitched auction battles. Here's a detailed, region-by-region breakdown. There were few surprises or steep price rises from Bordeaux, whose wines nonetheless accounted for the largest share of the transactions recorded…

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